Busy day for Mil Comms Monitoring - Wed. 7 Apr 2004

Busy day for Mil Comms Monitoring - Wed. 7 Apr 2004

Post by AllanSte » Sat, 10 Apr 2004 01:27:18

                Wed. 7 Apr 2004

            I was able to snag comms from many Mil acft that abounded in
Florida today from Key West down south all the way to Pinecastle Range in mid
            NY-ANG F-16s continued to work local ranges; some of them departed
back to Syracuse, after a week's stay here.
            Many NASA T-38s came and went between NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing
Facility and NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
            Another MacDill acft reported his APU failure to start; seems to be
an epidemic of this.
            Half-dozen or so Bu ICE (Fmr USCS) flights heard.

APEX Flight: F-16, NY-ANG 174FW, Syracuse NY
8:45am: Working in Whiskey areas.
9:59am: Lands Patrick.
[267.5, 316.3, 269.3, 281.425, 269.375]

COBRA 01: Flight of 4, F-16, NY-ANG 174FW, Syracuse NY
8:50: Departs Patrick to Whiskey areas 5, 6, 7 Yankee; mentions FANGs.
[269.375, 281.425, 269.3, 267.5, 348.7, 316.3; air-air: 138.3]

9:04am: In Whiskey areas; comms with Sealord, passes 234.8 freq for FANGs.
[267.5, 234.8, 316.3]

COORS: F-16, NY-ANG 174FW, Syracuse NY
9:13am: Returns from Range. 9:24am: lands Patrick.
[281.425, 269.375]

9:14am: w Hammer; near Titusville; mentions Deland; Hammer cls Lima 558.

LION 01: Poss Oceana F-14 or Eglin F-15
9:18am: Area transition.
[306.9, 285.5]

9:20am: Controlling acft in the Tarpon Range (near Key West), W-174A through
W-174G. Gets freqs 277.6 primary, 320.6 secondary. Comms with Oaky Sam:
"On-station time 1345z, 1630-1730z." "1819z after tanker." Rqsts AW-002.
[344.2, 364.2, 277.6, 320.6, 133.9]

NASA 963: T-38N.
10:05am: Lands SLF.
2:10pm: Cleared to Acadiana.
[124.8, 128.55]

VICTORY: F-14, Oceana VF-103 "Jolly Rogers"
10:05am: Working in Tarpon Range.

CG Station-Port Canaveral
10:07am: Comms.

GOLDEN KNIGHTS 608: C-31A Fokker, US Army Demo Team
10:08am: Returning from a weekend show down south.

GATOR 21: F/A-18, Atlanta NAS VMFA-142 "Flying Gators"
10:11am: Working in Pinecastle Range.
[357.0, 380.8, 345.05]

JV 832: C-40A, Jacksonville NAS VR-58 "Sunseekers"
10:29am: Relays Sealord comms to P-3C "Lima Lima 06."

PELICAN 713: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-45 "Pelicans"
10:29am; Comms w "Jaguar."

CANFORCE 4304: CC-130
10:33am: Area transition; comms with P-3C "LN 453" on 121.5.
[133.95, 133.475, 121.5]

LN 453: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-45 "Pelicans"
10:40am: Contacts "CANFORCE 4304" on 121.5 to relay ATC comms. Comms with NAS
Jax and Sealord.
[133.475, 121.5, 267.5, 285.0]

NASA 919: T-38N #66-8385, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
10:43am: Arrives SLF.
[133.475, 124.8, 128.55]

FAST 71: F-16 (single ship), NY-ANG 174FW, Syracuse NY
11:00am: Departs Patrick to home.
[118.4, 269.375, 281.425, 346.25, 284.5]

AIR TRANSPORT 400: DC-8 ATI, Little Rock (USAF Contractor)
11:00am: Arrives Patrick from Ascension; has ground emergency, possible fire;
reports 4 crew, 25 pax.
6:09pm: Departs to WRI
[124,35m 133.75, 132.65, 124.8, 119.825]

COORS 01: F-16, NY-ANG 174FW, Syracuse NY
11:25am: Departs to Avon Park Bombing Range.
12:25pm: Lands Patrick.
[289.4, 269.375, 281.425, 269.3, 292.2]

LIMA LIMA 71: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
11:35am: En route NAS Jax.

BOLT 34: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
12:10pm: Inbound MacDill

NASA 916: T-38N #66-8382, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
12:23pm: Inbound to Shuttle Landing Facility.
2:30pm: Departs to Acadiana.
[133.475, 132.65, 128.55]

HOIST 95: KC-10A, McGuire AFB 305AMW
12:50pm: Lands Patrick.
[132.65, 133.75, 373.2]

NASA 950: G-IISP Gulfstream II, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
1:00pm: Lands Shuttle Landing Facility.
2:00pm: Departs Shuttle Landing Facility.
[133.8, 132.65, 128.55]

NASA 915: T-38N #60-0585, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
1:20pm: Lands Shuttle Landing Facility.
[284.0, 133.475, 132.65, 128.55]

REACH 9009: C-5 #89-0009, NY-ANG 105AW 137AS Stewart ANGB, NY
1:33pm: Lands Patrick.
[269.375, 372.2]
One of the very rare UHF landings of a transport at Patrick.

N431SK: P-3B #153431, Bu ICE.
1:45pm: Area transition.
[133.4775, 125.075]

NASA 904: T-38N #63-8204, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
1:45pm: Departs Shuttle Landing Facility.
[128.55, 132.65]

N4667B: CE-208B #208B0163, US State Dept INM/AW Patrick AFB
1:52pm: Departs Patrick.

BRONCO 02: OV-10D, US State Dept INM/AW Patrick AFB
2:00pm: Departs Patrick.

NASA 919: T-38N #65-10356, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
2:20pm: Departs SLF.
[133.475, 127.2]

2:24pm: "Unknown Rider" report, off Vero Beach.

NASA 903: T-38N #63-8200, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
2:30pm: Departs Shuttle Landing Facility.

BOLT 32: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW.
3:00pm: Touch-and-goes at Patrick.
4:02pm: RTB MacDill.
[133.75, 132.65, 124.8]
Photo: 054MVC-859

SENTRY 06: E-3 AWACS, Tinker AFB 552ACW 960ACS
3:22pm: Gets Tinker AFB wx from MacDill Metro.

OMAHA 45;Prob P-3, Bu ICE
3:26pm: Informal comms; "that funny looking airplane with the dish on top of

N696US: NA-265-65, United Space Alliance, Houston (NASA-KSC contractor)
4:06pm: Inbound KTIX

4:15pm: Comms with Charleston CP; has DV aboard; inbound CHS, then will depart
to WRI.

GRUMMAN 30: E-2 Hawkeye.
4:45pm: Transitions offshore.

BOLT 02: MacDill AFB 6AMW
4:48pm: Inbound MCF; rqsts 25K fuel; writeup  for #2 APU failure to start.

KING 64: HC-130P #64-14864, Patrick AFB AFSOC 920RQW 39RQS
5:35pm: Preparing to depart. [I missed departure]
10:50pm: Lands Patrick.
[134.0, 132.65, 133.75, 321.0]

RHET 87: KC-135R, Robins AFB 19ARG "Black Knights"
5:35pm: Comms with Cape Weather re wx at Robins for 2240z ETA. Passes PIREP
from 120 mi South of Ormond Beach, at FL370.

REACH 470: C-5A #68305, Kelly Field
6:21pm: Get phone patch to DSN 945-4330, Kelly Field "Hill Country" CP;
estimates blocks at 0115z.  Both HF radios inop; main fuel tank intermittently
refills automatically. Rqsts Customs.  Contacts MacDill Metro for KSKF wx.
[311.0, 344.6]

8:03pm: Clear voice; testing.

___SK: P-3 Slick, Bu ICE
10:04pm: Comms with Hammer re Ramrod: "718 requested 10-7."
10:22pm: Comms with JackKnife: "111 mmiles out."

DACTYL 92: C-32A USAF, Eglin AFB
11:24pm: Comms with MacDill Metro.

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