Selfridge ANG Base Airshow, Mt. Clemens Michigan

Selfridge ANG Base Airshow, Mt. Clemens Michigan

Post by Thomas J. Howle » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have a freq list for this airshow to get me started.  Also, do
there appear to be any problems with bringing computers and or scanners
onto the base?

I've been to this airshow once before, but with the local Cable TV company
to do a public access show.  It was the year that one of the kids of a
base resident rammed one of the Thunderbirds.  We were given a military
escort and ordered not to point our cameras towards the crippled plane, or
face expulsion from the base.  They kept a close eye on us.  

My question is do they frown on bringing hi-tech gadgets on base?

I understand the Blue Angels will be there, anyone have the freqs. they
are using THIS year?

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