RAF Red Arrows freqs?

RAF Red Arrows freqs?

Post by David K Mart » Fri, 17 Sep 1993 00:33:50

The new Denver airport seems to be getting inagurated with a bang.  On
September 25 and 26, there will be an airshow at the new airport with
several major teams performing.  The headline events include;
        The USAF Thunderbirds
        Canadian Snowbirds
        British Royal Air Force Red Arrows
        US Army Golden Knights parachute team
        Team America Aerobatic team

Naturally, I would like to listen in to all the good stuff on my Pro-43.
I have the Thunderbirds, Snowbirds and Golden Knights freqs from prior posts
but I have not seen any frequency lists for the RAF Red Arrows.  Anyone have
a list or a range to search in?

Since this will be the first major airshow that I'll have a scanner at
any other airshow scanning tips will be appreciated.