I turned my PRO-2005 into a 2006

I turned my PRO-2005 into a 2006

Post by Mike Di » Thu, 09 Jun 1994 12:05:13

I turned my PRO-2005 into a 2006.

Hi everyone.    I thought some of you would find this informative.
This CPU  upgrade is not for the faint of heart.  
You need good eyesight, and a good magnifying lens too.

Since I finally got another scanner (a 2006A).  I decided it was time
to *fix up* my old 2005.  I put the AGC version (I hated the germanium
diode detector version) of the LED S-meter (from Bill Cheeks Scanner
Mod book #2) into it, and *I love the feature*.  I?m going to put one into
my  2006A when I?m done upgrading the 2005.
I then ordered the CPU for the 2006/2006A  (P/N  GRE-0918) from R.S. ($36)
I de-soldered the old CPU and the 7.36MHz resonator,  soldered in the new
CPU and a 16MHz crystal (the 2006 runs at 12MHz).  This combination
doubled my scan rate from 20 channels/sec to 40, it really screams now,
figuratively speaking.  
    To do this mod you MUST be familiar with soldering surface mount
I used the soldering station my assembly person uses, (a perk of being an
engineer). It has a controlled temp iron, a dental pick, a lamp with a
magnifier lens, and a 7-30x stereo microscope.  The pins on the CPU are on
0.050 spacing with a ~0.025 gap so its really easy to bridge two pins
when soldering (I found a bridge on mine).  The microscope is used for
inspecting the solder joints for bridges and the dental pick is used to
the pins to be sure  they are all firmly soldered down, and to pry the pins
when de-soldering.

If there is any interest I will post details of this upgrade, so let me
Happy scanning to ya'
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