frequencies used at Notre Dame football games

frequencies used at Notre Dame football games

Post by P.J. Hint » Fri, 09 Sep 1994 05:35:24

  With the advent of football season, I'll be headed for the stadium.  I've
been contemplating whether it's worth taking along the scanner for the ride.
Since I don't have a copy of <<Beyond Police Call>> (the Radio Shacks in
the South Bend/Mishawaka area are in a state of perpetual sellout) and I
don't have a SEARCH option on my Bearcat 55 XLT (don't laugh), I was wondering
if anyone has some frequencies that are used here.  Possibilities include
Mutual Radio, NBC Sports, the American Red Cross, law enforcement, and
staff communications.  Direct e-mail replies or mass postings welcome.
Thanks in advance!


P.J. Hinton
Graduate Student--University of Notre Dame Chemical Engineering Department

P.S. -- Please don't ask me for tickets, my mom has already gobbled up the
        general admission tickets that I get for being an alumnus.