Antennas @ NASCAR race

Antennas @ NASCAR race

Post by JA Mora » Sat, 24 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Whenever I go to a race at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) nea Goodyear,
I take several antennas. In addition to a flexible *** duck that works
good over most frequencies, I also take a high gain telescopic antenna that's
good for bringing in the weak signals. In additon to the car frequencies, I
monitor the TV production frequencies, Track control, security, and also the
local Police and Sheriff frequencies.

track control and race operations usually are on the same 464mhz frequencies.
The TV and radio operations usually are on 450 or 455mhz frequencies. The
Sheriff uses 460mhz frequencies.


After the race, I did not believe what I heard on an 870mhz frequency.
Someone ws making airline reservations and gave their name, address, and
credit card number right over the air. I will not give out any sensitive
informaiton on a radiotelephone of any kind... I call back using a land line!

> I recently attended a NASCAR race, and had trouble picking up one of
> the cars.  My PRO64 scanner stopped on the frequency, and I could hear
> it very faintly, but it was kind of "scratchy", and sounded something
> like when you have a loose speaker wire.  What could cause this?

> All of the other drivers came in well.  I admit that NASCAR racing is
> not the best environment for scanners, with well over 50 radios
> broadcasting in a very small area, but I did pretty well except for
> that one car.

> Another question.  Are those stubby racing antennas tuned to any
> particular frequency range?  At the race, I tried no antenna, a
> ***-duck, and even a paper clip.  The paper clip won!

> Thanks,
> Jack
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