Scanner Newbie needs advice

Scanner Newbie needs advice

Post by Jerry Smi » Mon, 11 Apr 1994 19:14:34

 Hi, Ken...
 K> My questions follow:

 K> 1) Is there any chance to modify the Pro-51 to receive cellular?

  No.  From what I understand, this is the first unit to comply with the
Telecommunications law passed last year making it illegal to monitor
cellular phone calls.  (you can use the image method to receive _some_
calls by searching between 890 and 910.

 K> 2) Can anyone more knowledgeable than me recommend a good (moderately
 K> priced) base-type scanner that can capture the full 800 mhz range
 K> including cellular?  What would be a good price to pay?  Where is the
 K> best place to shop?

  If you can afford it, I recommend picking up the PRO-2006 scanner from
Radio Shack.  It's $400 ($359 from Grove).  The mod takes 3
minutes to do from opening to closing the case.  The unit is the best and
has a great following for units in this price range.

 K> 3) I've heard about "Monitoring Times" and have checked four good sized
 K> bookstores but can't locate this publication.  Is it the best one to get,
 K> and if so, how does one subscribe?

  MT is pretty much a subscriber based publication.  It is an excellent
magazine and encourage you to subscribe.

  Monitoring Times
  P.O. Box 98
  Brasstown, NC 28902
  One year...$19.95
  Two Year...$38.00
  Three Year...$56.00
  (U.S. rates)

  Grove Enterprises sells the '2006 for $359 + S&H.  Their number is
1-800-438-8155.  In a couple of weeks, this unit may no longer be available
as the law kicks in on the '26 of April.


Note...I am not a rep of Grove in any way...just a satisfied customer.

 * Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day # 0