SCAN/Future Scanning Systems

SCAN/Future Scanning Systems

Post by bo.. » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Anybody got any info on Future Scanning Systems, formerly of Bartlesville,

A couple of years ago they marketed an interface for use between Amiga
computers and Icom Radios.  It was a hardware/software package which
started at about 150US, with a version which allowed for 2 radios to
be hooked up for 25-30US more.

Would appreciate either a post here, or e-mail from anyone who either
knows if this company is still around (I do know the old phone nbr is
no good) or might have one of these units still kicking around and
wanting to sell it.

Tnx to you all, es gud listening........Bob, near Williamsport PA