Real Search & Rescue. SEALORD area

Real Search & Rescue. SEALORD area

Post by George » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 09:32:23

LL71 is over a small boat with 4 POB.  Boat does not appear to be
sinking however is dead in the water.  SCREWTOP is relaying comms from
LL71 to SEALORD on 267.5000.  US Coast Guard ship is in route to the
small boats position.  Position is 30-22 N, 80-13 W which is about 70
miles east of Jacksonville, FL.

LL71 wanted a freq in which they could be in contact with the USCG ship.
   LL71 was given freq 2.182 MHz (USB).  I have not heard comms yet on
that freq as of 1749 EDT.

LL71 has been requested to stay on scene until USCG ship arrives, ETA
about 2 hours.

SCREWTOP has informed other players in the USS Enterprise Strike Group
exercise of this situation on 310.2500.