Florida Mil Comms heard

Florida Mil Comms heard

Post by AllanSte » Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:47:17

        Patrick AFB Area Log - Sunday, 14 March 2004

          Comms were heard from various acrobatic acft at the Tico Airshow;
the air-air cueing was heard on 127.775.  Also snagged comms from several of
the airshow acft returning home after the show.
         Snoopy Blimp pilot has long chat with Patrick Tower.

NAVY EW 95C: Prob P-3C
9:50am: Area transition, southbound.
[133.475, 132.15]

HERC 83: C-130
9:55am: Departs Patrick (had arrived here Friday morning).
[133.75, 132.65, 124.8]

YAWL (?) 51
11:50am: Area transition.

GERMAN NAVY 4739: Brequet BR.1150 Atlantic
2:40pm; Lands Patrick AFB.
Photo: 052MVC-743, 744]
Acft is twin-engine, with MAD boom on tail, like USN P-3; is used for
submarine patrols and ELINT.

2:55pm; Cruising at FL 200.

2E 803: T-34C, Whiting Field TW-5
4:35pm: Area transition.

NORTH AMERICAN 392W: T-28B Trojan Warbird #138134, Marco Island FL
4:45pm: RTB after appearance at Tico Warbird Airshow.
We hope that Mike got a picture of this.

N57XX: L-39C. Aero Vodochody, Jet Fighters Intl, Pompano Beach FL
5:03pm; RTB after appearance at Tico Warbird Airshow.

N560VL: A-60, Snoopy Blimp.
10:38pm; Returns to Orlando from an event; chats with Patrick Tower.

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