Selfridge Airshow, Michigan frequency captures here!

Selfridge Airshow, Michigan frequency captures here!

Post by Tom Howle » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 07:46:00

This is my first Military airshow with a scanner that can receive Mil-air.
It is definitely easier to catch freqs in the civilian air band because it
is much smaller to search. I took 2 Pro-43's and 1 Pro-60.  These scanners
as far as I can tell do not have an adjustable step size, so I was stuck
searching 225-420 in 12.5 kHz steps.  Took too long to make it worthwhile.
This is where my research paid off!

My database had 60 freqs for the thunderbirds that I've collected over the
years. A lot of wasted time to find out they were using two of them!  I was
only there for the late afternoon part of the show, tomorrow, I'll be there
all day.

If anyone can fill in any blanks for me, it will make tomorrow, more of an
"enjoy it" day, rather than a "work" day!

Airboss (show control)- 128.7 (very weak audio on the airboss side, strong
audio on the performer side using standard *** duck)

Sean Tucker Oracle & Red Baron Squadron  123.15 (Sean did a voiceover to the
crowd from this freq.)

Selfridge Tower- 318.2   This is a likely source for other freqs throughout
the day.

USAF Thunderbirds   143.850     235.25

These freqs that are known to be ground ops for the Thunderbirds were
active, but I honestly couldn't tell if it was Thunderbirds business, or
Selfridge business.: 413.025    413.1    413.275    413.4

Assorted other active Selfridge base freqs:  413.2,  416.15,  407.25,  390.0