Shortwave Broadcaster's E-Mail Addresses

Shortwave Broadcaster's E-Mail Addresses

Post by Berton Cors » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 11:15:37

E-Mail Addresses For Shortwave Broadcasters
(No guarantee for accuracy, though)

World Radio Network (satellite feed of international broadcasts)

IPS Australia

Radio For Peace International (Costa Rica)

Radio Havana

Radio Prague

Radio HCJB (Ecuador)
DX Partyline, The Latest Catch, and frequency matters,

ftp site:  

Italian Radio Relay Service

Radio Netherlands

Radio New Zealand International

Radio Sweden

BBC World Service

World Wide Web:

Full Disclosure Live

Monitor Radio International (WCSN, WSHB, KHBI)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Spectrum DX Program at WWCR Nashville

Shortwave Panorama at Radio Austria International

BRTN (Belgian Radio & Television - Dutch Language Network)
Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal

Radio Denmark

Radio Finland

Deutsche Welle

Radio Copan International HRJA

Radio Miami International  WRMI

WWCR, Nashville, TN


Shortwave Broadcaster's E-Mail Addresses

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Quote:> VOA   Page 2

Contacting VOA and Worldnet by Electronic Mail

At this time, only a few public electronic mail addresses are available
for VOA and Worldnet.  These are listed below.

We do not maintain a public directory service of electronic mail
addresses for members of our staff and we regret that we are not able
to respond to individual requests for electronic mail addresses.

Publicly Available Electronic Mail Addresses for VOA and Worldnet

General Information

                                Send a message with the contents
                                "send help" to this address for
                                instructions on how to use this

                                of America and Worldnet Television
                                from outside the United States

                                of America and Worldnet Television
                                from the United States

                                of America and Worldnet Television

                                outside the United States

                                the United States

                                in an irregular mailing list of VOA
                                and Worldnet public announcements.

Specific VOA Programs

Broadcasts to Cuba

VOA Internet Audio

The following electronic mail addresses are intended for users who
have questions or comments regarding the audio files available on
the VOA and Worldnet public server.