CORRECTION - OS456 Question

CORRECTION - OS456 Question

Post by wig.. » Tue, 03 Jun 1997 04:00:00

     I have to make a correction to a previous reply to a question about the
Optoelectronics OS456 and the OS535 boards. There were some questions brought
up about my answer so I contacted Optoelectronics for the facts. I previously
said the following about the OS535 board:

Quote:>       I believe that there are 3 versions (differences in the CPU
>programming) on the OS535 boards. They are as follows:
>       1.) Cell-blocked with code enable
>       2.) Cell-blocked cannot enable with codes...this would be the CPUs that
>have been recently programmed, not the "remaining stock" items.
>       3.) Cell-enabled for FCC approved and Telecommunication engineers
>Please note if the above is correct, or if there are any variances.

I also noted that this was the same for the OS456 and that any Cell-blocked,
code enabled boards were just a "remaining stock" issue. This was not the
case according to Optoelectronics. Their reply is as follows:

You are correct in regards to the OS535.  

There is only one version of the OS456.  The Pro 2006 could be unlocked
through a hardware modification so it wasn't necessary to have different
versions of the board.  If the actual scanner was unlocked then it could
receive cellular, if it wasn't it couldn't.  

I hope that this clears up any of the confusion that I may have caused.

John Wigton