FS: Radio Shack Pro-2035 1000 channel Scanner

FS: Radio Shack Pro-2035 1000 channel Scanner

Post by Leonard Weld » Tue, 06 Jan 1998 04:00:00

For Sale: RS Pro-2035, 1000+ channel scanner.

Immaculate, clean, excellent electronically, Pro-2035 for sale.  
Box, Manual, very sensitive scanner. Full featured scanner.
Over 1000 memories to save and divide different types of
channels into groups. For example, put Police in one group,
ambulance, etc in another. Also has excellent FM audio when
run through external speaker/amp system. Covers CB frequencies.
Amateur 2 meter frequencies. Wireless phone frequencies.
Bought in late summer of '96. Intermittent, low usage.

Optoelectronics has a card built specifically for this scanner you
install and allows computer controlled access...order data base
from various sources and input all frequencies into the computer
and allows visual recognition of what frequency you are listening
to and a brief description of the channel. Very neat system! This
of course, assumes you have a computer.

This is a good buy...I'm selling a short wave receiver and this
scanner to make a dent in the payment on an Icom I-8500 or
something like that, that covers the full frequency spectrum. This
will allow me to have just one receiver...and not so much clutter!

The Shortwave receiver is a Kenwood R-5000, very clean
with box and manual...posting on rec.radio.shortwave.

Scanner Cost: $229.00 COD, I pay shipping.
This scanner started at $499 or $399 when introduced.  
E-mail me for any questions.