Scanner stories in Hong Kong

Scanner stories in Hong Kong

Post by Wong Philips Chi K » Fri, 17 Sep 1993 22:07:51

It not only happened in the States but also in Hong Kong.
Besides working in the University of Hong Kong as a Computer
Technician, I'd been in the Auxiliary Police Force for 12
years, the Auxiliary Force plays the same role as the reserve
forces in the States, we support and backing up the regular
force from time to time, on all aspect.
Back to the story, we always enjoy a discount from 20% to 100%
to eat or some kind of entertainment, officially or unofficially.
My principal is that I accept the offering only on the shopkeeper's
own accord and there isn't any dealing for any kind of benefit
from me.  I enjoy such discounts so much not because of money
saving but they meant appreciation from the public!  I'd patrol
the same area for 7 years and I know nearly all the shops well,
I get the best motor services from the same garage for 7 years,
I just drop my car and tell the guy what to do or to fix, I never
ask for the quotation, they always offer the best price!  The same
as your side, we maintain a very good relation with 7-11 and CircleK,
I really love those hot stuffs fresh from the Bakery on 5am.
Can anyone post some stories from the view of point of a police officer?

Philips Wong.

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p.s. if you in Hong Kong.


Scanner stories in Hong Kong

Post by Barb Farr » Sat, 18 Sep 1993 12:37:37

Somebody asked about cops getting such things as discounts on food or free
food.  Not that it really belongs on this group but, he asked, so here it is.
Here, most of the restraunts will give us 50% off, we have a few that give it
to us free.  There are a few that won't but, hey!  Most of the gas station mini
marts will give us free coffee and soft drinks as long as it's from their
fountain, if it's from a manufacturer then we pay full price.  As mentioned in
the previous post we really get to know the various merchants and don't usually
have the problems getting cheated that an average customer might run into.
I want to stress that the merchants here give us a discount not because they
expect special favors later but because they appreciate the service and
protection we provide to the city.  We've had local restraunts donate food to
the officers (police and fire) that have to work on holidays.And, yes it's
great to have the support of the community behind you.