Confirmed Blue Angel Freqs during inbound flight!

Confirmed Blue Angel Freqs during inbound flight!

Post by George » Sun, 27 Apr 2003 08:15:34

Today the USN Blue Angels arrive at the Patrick AFB to get ready for
Sunday's airshow.  I snagged their inbound comms which you can listen to
at   I've included a list of
Blue Angel frequencies you might want to use to monitor practice and
Sunday's show.

142.0000    Ground Support (comm cart)
142.6250    Ground Support
143.6000    Ground Support
164.9000*    Ground Support CH 6
168.9000    Ground Support CH 3
170.9000    Ground Support CH 1
236.4500    Unknown CH 17
238.1500*    Diamond A-A CH 16
251.6000    Solo A-A
256.2500    Unknown
263.3500*   Fat Albert CH 10
263.5000    Unknown
264.5500    Unknown
268.0000    Unknown
273.3500    Diamond A-A
275.3500    Diamond A-A CH 9
307.7000    Air-Ground BOSS
345.9000*    Solo A-A CH 8

Freqs marked with a * I actually hear being used on 4/25/03 as they were
arriving to Patrick and flying the area. ..  Keep in mind there probably
are more however I live 70 miles north of Patrick AFB and these were the
comms I was able to catch at that distance.

For those interested in USAF Thunderbird freqs here's a list.

140.2000   Support Aircraft Cross Country Air-Air
141.4000   4 Plane Formation
141.8500*   4 Plane Formation Air-Air Linked to PA system V1
143.8500   4 Plane Formation Air-Air Linked to PA system V2
235.2500*   Thunderbird Control
269.9000*   Thunderbird Control to Air Boss
322.9500*   Plane 5-6 Solo's Air-Air
413.0250   Maintenance/Ground Teams Channel 1
413.1000*   Maintenance/Ground Teams Channel 2

Freqs marked with a * were confirmed by me during the November 2001
Thunderbird performance at Daytona Beach, FL.  Full audio of this
performance can be heard here: