FS: Uniden/Bearcat BC-890XLT Scanner

FS: Uniden/Bearcat BC-890XLT Scanner

Post by J. Lee Blant » Mon, 31 Mar 1997 04:00:00

For Sale:  Uniden/Bearcat BC-890XLT scanner.  Mint condition.
General-purpose VHF/UHF scanner including civil and military aircraft
bands.  200 programmable channels.  Covers the following frequency ranges:

    29-54 MHz NFM (Narrowband FM)
  108-137 MHz AM
  137-174 MHz NFM
  216-225 MHz NFM
  225-400 MHz AM
  400-512 MHz NFM
  806-824 MHz NFM
  849-869 MHz NFM
  894-956 MHz NFM

Includes manual, telescoping antenna, power adapter.  $155.

Lee Blanton,
Temecula, CA