Patrick AFB, NASA-KSC area Logs - Tuesday, 19 Aug 2003

Patrick AFB, NASA-KSC area Logs - Tuesday, 19 Aug 2003

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Note: All Combat Air Patrol callsigns/freqs and security-sensitive
information have been removed from this log before posting.

                          Tuesday, 19 August 2003
           Normalcy seems to be returning to Mil acft stateside operations.
           Comms are plentiful here again, and units seem to have returned
           to their training routines.  Pinecastle and Avon Ranges and the
           offshore Whiskey areas were all busy today.
           NASA acft are finally back too, with the astronauts
           in their T-38s almost every day.
           To quote from the song Summertime, "Fish are jumping" too.  Worked
           on my boat engine with my Pro-43 in hand, and while out on my pier  
           received Avon Park bombing/strafing comms wonderfully on a Radio
           center-loaded whip.  No, Walt, I did not tie a catfish line to the

LF 161: P-3C Jacksonville VP-16 "War Eagles" Sqdn
1:47am: Passes "Mode 3 is 0733" to OakGrove.  OakGrove responds "I see you as
sweet [on Modes] 2, 3 and 4."

RED TALON: Same acft as LF 161
1:51am: Comms with Fiddle (NAS Jax TSCC).

MAKO 11: F-16, Homestead AFRC 482FW
10:07am: Work at Avon Park Bombing Range: low-drag, high-drag bombing,
strafing; reports Maint Codes to Mr Mako when RTB.
[292.2, 138.125, 138.025]

NASA 4: G-1159 Gulfstream II, NASA-KSC
10:08am: Departs Patrick.
10:26am: Lands Patrick.

SNAKEs: F-15, FL-ANG 125FW Jacksonville IAP
10:35am: Air-air.

3E 251: T-34C, Whiting Field TAW-5
10:40pm: Comms from OM and YL pilot; concerns for wx.
[281.5; 255.4]

NASA 963: T-38N #59-1603, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
10:43am: Lands NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing Facility.
4:10pm: Departs SLF to Gulfport.  OM & YL astronauts chat about concern for wx,
and they contact Metro at Pensacola (4:43pm) and decide to divert there.
[128.55, 124.8, 235.4, 359.6]
NOTE: Most of you  know this as my favorite NASA T-38; it was the 1st
production T-38A off the production line, and had been used as a drone before
NASA rescued her.

JS 074: C-9B, NAS Atlanta VR-46 "Eagles" Sqdn
10:44am: Area transition southward; "direct Grand Turk" (Bahamas).


BOXER 42: C-40C, Andrews DC-ANG 113AW 201ALS
10:52am: Area transition southward.

NASA 960: T-38N #70-1552, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
11:04am: Lands Shuttle Landing Facility.

HN 424: SH-60B, Mayport NAF HSL-42 "Proud Warriors" Sqdn
11:13am:Lands Patrick.

MUSTANG 01: CE-208B Cessna Caravan #208B0163, US State Dept, Intl Narcotics
Mission, Patrick AFB.
11:15am; Local ops, including approaches at Melbourne IAP.
[133.75, 118.2]

CG AUX ACFT 13Y (N9513Y) Beechcraft P-35, Orlando FL
12:14pm: Port Canaveral Security overflight, asks if Aux Vessel Irish Mist is
on scene; RTBs Jacksonville.  Comms with CG Sta Cape Canaveral and CG Sta

PAT 432: US Army Priority Air Transport
12:51pm: Area transition.

SNAKE flight, F-15s, FL-ANG 125FW Jacksonville IAP
2:19pm: Working 5Xray sector of offshore Whiskey Area.
[267.5 Sealord]

CG 102: VC-4A, CGAS Miami (Opa Locka)
2:19pm: STOOP-V195-Opa Locka.

MAKO 11: F-16, Homestead AFRC 482FW
2:29pm: Working at Avon Park Bombing Range
[292.2, 138.125]

HR 515: H-60, Mayport NAF
2:32pm: Transition northward
[132.65, 118.85]

CUTLASS 451: H-60, Mayport NAF
2:53pm: Working CC sector of offshore Whiskey Area.
[267.5 Sealord]

TOPCAT 3: S-3B, Jacksonville VS-31 "Topcats" Sqdn
2:54pm: Working offshore Whiskey Area, relays comms of CUTLASS 451 to Sealord.
[267.5 Sealord]

SHARK 21: F-16, Homestead AFRC 482FW
3:15pm: Working Avon Park Bombing Range.  Bombing, strafing, then battle damage
3:44pm: Departs range, RTB, passes maintenance codes.  Out-of-the-ordinary
routing home to HST due to wx.
[292.2, 285.725, 269.3, 138.025]

BOLT 21; KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
4:30pm: Inbound MCF; will call when 30 min out.
[311.0 MacDill Lightning Ops]

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