Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 21 Dec 2004

Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 21 Dec 2004

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 21 Dec 2004

     Another very quiet day.  Unid acft was AARing in AR-617.  Launch of the
new Delta 4 rocket did not produce the quantity of comms we usually hear
during launches.  NASA-KSC/CCAFS trunk had limited hits.  Beautiful launch tho.

CG 2134: HU-25A, ATC-Mobile
   11:10am: Area transition; descent.

JOLLY 21: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo, Moody AFB 41RQS
   2:03pm: Lands Patrick.

SPAR 29: C-37A #01-0029, MacDill AFB 6AMW
   2:45pm: Area transition.

BAT 01, BAT 02; Cessna Skymasters, Cape Security; Airscan
   4:30pm: Check-in for Delta 4 launch activities; comms with
           homebase BatCave.
   4:55pm: Lands Space Coast RAP (KTIX)
[133.8, 123.475, 118.9]

DELTA 4: Developmental Flight Launch
   4:50pm: Liftoff.

DOS 671: UH-1H, US State Dept, Intl Narcotics Mssn, Patrick AFB.
   5:15pm: Local training.

KING 76: HC-130P #65-0976, Patrick AFB AFSOC 920RQW 39RQS
   7:45pm: Takeoff.

SPAR 42: VIP flight
   10:47pm: Area transition, northward, climbing to FL410.
[127.2, 119.825]

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