AR8000 Users Programing Offer

AR8000 Users Programing Offer

Post by Flying Turtl » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 19:39:04

I have met a few of you via email and posts and based on
your enthusiam for the ar8000 I decided to go ahead and
buy one.

I hope to have a www site at for distribution of information
regarding the ar8000. If anyone has a page scanner an can scan in
and recognize the text from the ar8000 manuals and the computer interface
manual I would appreciate hearing from you. This information can
be the bases of helping others understand how to extend the programing
capabilites of the ar8000.

For those that don't think it is worth the effort or cost to buy
or build a computer interface to the ar8000 I will offer to
program it for you with your data whcih you can upload via ftp to my
computer by pre arrangement. You pay for fedex both ways and send a nominal
$15 to cover my time and expense of dealing with ups or fedex as well
as the time to actually program and then check your ar8000. My time
is actually worth quite a bit more then that but this is a hobby.
Specifications as to data format are forthcoming as soon as I figure them out.

with ar8000 as the first word in your message header. This is not a lsitserv
but myself storing your replies in eudora mailbox. I don't really expect to hear from
but a few folks as the ar8000 is a rare radio in the US and rather expensive
so it isn't worth the effort to get too fancy. Please note in your message if you
have one or have ordered one or just merely interested in information about them.

Vic Healey ki4je Marietta Ga. 404 435-6939

Don't use anymore.


AR8000 Users Programing Offer

Post by Julian C Gramm » Tue, 06 Dec 1994 22:41:50

Quote:>My time is actually worth quite a bit more then that.


>Don't use anymore.                        ^^^^

Hmmmm...        :-)

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