Confederate Air Force Air Show Freq

Confederate Air Force Air Show Freq

Post by Joe Gallagh » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 04:34:51


Quote:>I listened to the Confederate Air Force (WWII nostalgia rebuilders and flyers)
>on 118.7MHz at Frederick MD on August 27, 1994.  This seemed to be their main  
>frequency.  There was a lot of coordination and behind-the-scenes action for  
>their WWII "re-enactment."
>Anyone know if they have their own assigned freq like the Thunderbirds or Blue
>Angels, or do they use local tower frequencies?

CAF uses a number of frequencies when they operate an airshow [according to
a co-worker who's active in the CAF].

"Marshalers" (those who direct/move aircraft away from the flightline)
are usually found on 49.875mHz nationwide -- regularly referred to as
channel "A".

They'll also use the ground freqency(ies) of the airport where they're
operating and may also -- with the assistance and coordination of the
FAA -- establish one or more frequencies on a "one-time" basis for
air boss, ground boss, fueling, operations, etc.  There is also usually
a freq for the "ordnance and demolition" folks, who coordinate with
the air boss for the timing and location of explosions in their

One thing to remember -- these FAA-coodinated freqs will be in the
CIVILIAN not military aircraft band.

Happy monitoring!

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