Patrick AFB Area Log, Monday 30 June 2003

Patrick AFB Area Log, Monday 30 June 2003

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                        Monday, 30 June 2003

             CAPs were flown for protection of the President during his trip to
                  Miami and Tampa Florida today.  The Air Force One back-up
                  was staged at Patrick during the late afternoon and evening.
             I will be uploading some of my recent aircraft pictures to my
                  but will delay them to keep the photo of my monitoring
"shack" on
                  my site for a little longer, as I am still getting questions
and comments
                  related to my equipment pictured there.  I thank you all for
your kind

LIFTER 31: C-17, Charleston 437AW
7:45am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick, then an approach at the Cape Canaveral AFS
Skid Strip when RTB Charleston.
[133.75, 132.65]

AIR TRANSPORT 210/300: DC-8 Air Transport Intl (USAF Contractor), Little Rock
9:00am: Arrives Patrick.
1:20pm: Departs Patrick to Antigua, then Ascension down-range ETR sites.
[133.75, 132.65, 119.825, 135.075, 134.8 (Mia Ctr at Nassau)]
(Pic MVC-050)

BRONCO 02: OV-10D, US State Dept, Intl Narcotics Mission, Patrick AFB.
9:10am: Lands Patrick.
10:08am: Departs Patrick; lands 10:33am.
3:45pm: Departs Patrick again.
[133.75, 132.65]

N7906N (R-172E), N7907N (T-41C), N9144N (PA-28), all Patrick Aero Club birds.
9:35am: Touch-and-goes, maneuvers over ocean.

CAT 06: T-1A, Pensacola
9:57am: Area transition; to NAS-Jax.

MAKO 11: F-16 Flight, Homestead ARB 482 FW
10:06am: Enters Avon Park Bombing Range, works Placid MOA, ACM.
[307.1, 292.2, 138.125]

TANKER 07, TANKER 08: KC-135s.
10:07am: Air-air comms.
4:54pm: 20 minutes out from MacDill; Maint status Alpha 1.
[303.0, 311.0]

UNID: United Technologies Flight
10:15am: Flight test comms, air-ground, air-air; "On my mark, 3-2-1-Mark," etc.

SHARK 01 Flight: F-16 Flight of 4, Homestead ARB, 482FW
10:22am: Work on Avon Park Bombing Range.
11:00am; RTB Homestead.
[307.1, 292.2, 139.8]

LIMA LIMA 28: P-3C, Jaclksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest" Sqdn.
11:06am: Working in offshore Whiskey area; RTB NAS-Jax.
[267.5, 379.9 (Jax Appr)]

NASA 967: T-38N #65-10353, NASA-Edwards AFB CA
11:24am: Approaching KSC-SLF.  11:40am: Lands SLF.
[134.05, 132.65, 128.55]

November 1 (AKA NASA 1): G-1159A Gulfstream III, NASA-Washington.
11:29am: Departs SLF.

DACTYL 55: C-32A; B-757-200, Eglin AFB 486 FLTS.
11:55am: Pattern work at Patrick.
1:00pm: Departs back to Eglin.
[133.75, 132.65]
Note: I was able to get several photos of this interesting nearly unmarked
white bird.  In prior visits the Eglin 757s have had absolutely no markings,
but I am able to discern some markings on this bird, and others to whom I have
sent the photo agree. Among the markings may be "US Air Force" in the lower
part of the forward fuselage.
Getting lots of requests for this photo.

ARMY 26560: H-60 OPBAT bird.
12:05pm: Lands Patrick; Gas n go.
1:30pm: Departs to Exuma IAP, Bahamas.
[289.4, 133.75, 281.425, 370.9, 132.25]

MUSTANG 01: CE-208B Cessna Caravan, US State Dept INM/Air Wing, Patrick AFB
1:40pm: Short flight.
1:51pm: Re-departs.
[124.35, 133.75]

SNIPER 01: Poss adversary acft.
1:29pm: Flight.

DOS 117: UH-1N, US State Dept, Intl Narcotics Mission/Air Wing, Patrick AFB.
1:58pm: Departs Patrick.
4:06pm: Lands Patrick.

RAVEN 10: C-130E, Little Rock 463AW
3:47pm: Inbound MacDill with 17 pax.

LIMA LIMA 15: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest" Sqdn
3:52pm: Area transition, to NAS Jacksonville.

NAVY 7N 470: UC-12B, Andrews NAF
3:52pm: Descending.

SHARK 21 flight: F-16s, Homestead ARB 482FW
3:54pm: Work at Avon Park Bombing Range.
[307.1, 292.2, 285.725, 139.8, 138.025]

SHADOW 07: MC-130H, Kirtland AFB 58SOW
4:10pm: Departs Patrick to Kirtland.  Passes PIREP to MacDill Metro from 27-52
North, 81-55 West.
133.75, 132.65, 124.8, 133.475, 127.2, 133.4, 344.6, 311.0]

LF 301: P-3C Jacksonville VP-16 "War Eagles" Sqdn
4:22pm; Area transition.

DIAL 01: F-16, VT-ANG (Tyndall Det)
4:51pm; Area transition.
[285.5 Miami Ctr at Avon]

GREYHAWK 34, GREYHAWK 45: E-2C, Norfolk VAW-120
5:22pm: Long-winded chat among pilots, including pilots "RedDog" and "Carl the
Rocket."  They are headed home to Norfolk from NAS-Key West.  They compare
various places where it would be ok to be broken down, like Orlando.  Other
places are not so cool, like Vero Beach (where a Greyhawk crew had to spend
several days last week).  Listening to these guys you find out where the most
accommodating FBOs are located, where the best bars are, and where the women
hang out.  The Navy knows.
5:58pm: Greyhawk 45, in trail, transitions area.
[303.0, 357.0]

UNID: F-16
5:27pm: More pilots chatting about things.  Radio/cockpit sounds IDs these as
definitely F-16s; and the freq suggests they are Shaw birds.  They are flying
over Tampa Bay, observing the bridges, MacDill AFB, etc.  I got them Lima
Charlie all the way over here on Florida's east coast, so I used their comms to
check out and compare various antennas I have pointing in different directions.
 Sometimes the empirical makes for a better test than an ARRL scientific study.

Marine 8E 120, 8E 122, 8E 127: UC-12B, USMC, Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico
5:56pm: Area transition.
[132.65, 255.4]

BOLT 12: KC-135R, MacDill 6 AMW
6:55pm: 30 minutes out from MacDill; will do 20 minutes in pattern before
[311.0 Lightning Ops]

AIR FORCE 1: VC-25A, Andrews AFB 89AW
7:07pm: RTBs to Andrews from Tampa IAP after bringing POTUS George W Bush to
find raisings in Miami and Tampa.  The carrier on 300.4 was present for the
duration that AIR FORCE 1 comms were heard and for a fair period thereafter.
[134.0; 300.4 WBFM]

SAM 403: C-20B #86-0403, Andrews AFB 89AW
7:15pm: Departs Patrick to Andrews, after staging at Patrick for the afternoon
and evening while POTUS George Bush was at fund raisings in Miami and Tampa.
[124.35, 133.75, 132.65, 124.8]

BOLT 13: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
7:09pm: Inbound MacDill with 34,000 pounds fuel aboard; no writeups.
[311.0 MacDill Lightning Ops]

REACH 234T; POTUS Trip Support Acft
8:03pm: En route back to Andrews AFB.

LF 12: P-3C, Jacksonville VP-16 "War Eagles" Sqdn
8:07pm; Area transition, southward.

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