Patrick AFB Area Mil Comms Log - Thurs 4 Aug 2005

Patrick AFB Area Mil Comms Log - Thurs 4 Aug 2005

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Thurs 4 Aug 2005

MAKO 11: F-16C/D, Homestead ARB 482FW
9:59am: Working at Avon Park Bombing Range.
[292.2, 285.725, 138.125, 307.1, 281.5]

10:00am: Comms with CG Sta Port Canaveral; under Pineda Bridge on
Indian River, patrolling; heading north.

BOLT 41: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
10:01am: Air-air Refueling training with LIFTER 31.

LIFTER 31: C-17A, Charleston AFB 437AW
10:01am: Air-air Refueling training with BOLT 41.
1:00pm: Pattern work at Patrick AFB.
[327.6, 135.075, 132.65, 133.75]

SHARK 21: F-16, flight of 3, Homestead ARB 482FW
10:38am: Working at Avon Park Bombing Range, Placid MOA, buddy-lasing.
[292.2, 307.1, 285.725, 139.8]

MUSTANG 01: CE-208B Caravan, US State Dept Air Wing, Patrick AFB.
10:39am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick.

JOSA 315: C-21A #84-0076
10:45am: Inbound MacDill AFB; no DVs or Duty pax aboard.

220: INS-Orlando Dispatcher
11:08am: Checks with INS-Deer Park Radio Maintenance.

LIMA FOXTROT 69: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-16 "War Eagles"
11:33am: Area transition.

JOLLY 11: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo, Patrick AFB 920RQW 301RQS
11:55am: Departs Patrick; local ops.

KIMG 55: HC-130P #64-14855, Patrick AFB AFSOC 920RQW 39RQS
12:35pm: Departs Patrick.

12:30pm: Clear voice, Spanish.

LIMA LIMA 66: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
3:57pm: Working in Whiskey Area.
[267.5 Sealord]

GITMO 02: UC-12B, Guantanamo Bay
5:09pm: Inbound Jacksonville NAS.

KING 77: WC-130H #65-0977, Keesler AFB 403W 53WRS "Hurricane Hunters"
9:16pm: Parrot check with Oakgrove on AICC while overhead Patrick.
10:06pm: Deploying pyrotechnics offshore Patrick (115 radial, 40DME,
20DME) at 5500 feet.
10:45pm: Lands Patrick.
[133.75, 132.65, 133.475, 132.25, 364.2]
NOTE: Evidentally, USCG Sta Canaveral was not advised of this work; and
they have been announcing "flares spotted offshore."

DOS 671: UH-1H #73-21671, US State Dept Air Wing, Patrick AFB
9:20pm: Local ops.
10:15pm: Lands Patrick.

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