Fwd: [MilRadioComms] 93FS F-16s working

Fwd: [MilRadioComms] 93FS F-16s working

Post by AllanSt.. » Tue, 22 Jul 2008 23:40:13

     Homestead ARB 93FS F-16s "Mako 11" flight are up on Jax Ctr freq
273.55; they are in the altitude block FL170 to FL190. Possibly headed
to Pinecastle Range.
     The MAKOs are using 138.125 for air-air.
     Also, their stablemates "Shark 21" flight has just checked in
with Avon Park Bombing Range on 292.2.
     The SHARKs are up on 138.25 in air-air comms. They are engaged in
ACM, using simulated AWACS "Darkstar" for control. Later, they will
attempt to expend GBU-12 munitions; but if weather is unsuitable for
GBU-12s will use GBU-38s. [GBU-12 are laser-guided bombs; GBU-38s are
GPS-guided Joint Direct Attack Munitions.]

AL STERN Satellite Beach FL



Fwd: [MilRadioComms] 93FS F-16s working

Post by nopq52 » Wed, 30 Jul 2008 02:59:49

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