AM/FM vs CB antenna to connect to scanner

AM/FM vs CB antenna to connect to scanner

Post by Kevin To » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 15:30:52

Subject: Use of AM/FM vs CB antenna for mobile scanner in wide freq
Distribution: usa
Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Section 331

I want to minimize cost and purchasing antenna.

I want to scan from my car using a hand held scanner that
covers a wide range, 5 Mhz to 1300 MHz.

Option 1:  Use my car AM/FM antenna.  Need to buy a Y-splitter
to split antenna to a motorola and BNC.  ~Cost $20.

Option 2:  Buy a magnet mount CB antenna (I don't have a CB yet, but am
thinking of getting one in the future for traveling.) with
a BNC connector.  ~cost $30.

What are the pros/cons, strength/weaknesses of these two options.

Thanks for any information.

Kevin Tong, KE6JFV               JPL 238-420

(818) 354-0657                   Pasadena, CA 91109 USA


AM/FM vs CB antenna to connect to scanner

Post by Et2 Rich She » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 04:16:02

Option 3: Get a mag-mount scanner antenna, like the one I use from
Radio Shack.  It works fine, but comes with a Motorola plug on the end
of the coax that I needed to replace.  I use this for my HT when I have
it in the car for 2m & 70cm

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