Tour DuPont Freqs

Tour DuPont Freqs

Post by Sherrod Mund » Thu, 12 May 1994 14:55:03

Just had the Tour DuPont finish here in Blacksburg, ***ia, today.
While intending to just listen to local PD reports and glean what I could,
a very nice press guy walked up to me and asked if I had the freqs.  

Since I didn't, he gave them to me: there are 6 primary control
frequencies for the control center, and some other units share the freqs
(I hear reports going out in French and another language or two).  The
distances are reported periodically as to whwere they are WRT the finish,
time elapsed, etc., and there's enough info talked about to determine
where they are.  

Some, if not all these, are repeaterized.  There is one airplane which
chases the race: it has the primary repeater.  Also, when it goes down for
the day, or isn't there for some reason, at least one of the two "press"
helicopters which travel with the race also has a repeater.

Without further ado:

Also, interesting sidenote: one of my roommates works with the ***ia
Tech Solaray (solar-powered vehicle), and they have two-ways to talk
between crews, etc.  They were using them today to talk back and forth
while watching the race, and they found that ESPN control for cameras
shared the same frequency as one of their channels on the two-ways.  I
don't know what it is, but they were tempted to break in every now and
then... ;-)


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