FS: interesting books on scanning

FS: interesting books on scanning

Post by dgarri » Sat, 18 Jan 2003 09:35:34

FS: - "Bob Grove's Scanner & Shortwave Answer Book" Where you can find
answers to all your scanner & shortwave questions.152 pages. paperback. Has
several photos in book. This is one VERY interesting book! Hard to put down
once you start reading. Topics inc, Scanning & accessories, Antenna systems,
Listening tips, Scanners, Who's Where (Freq) Both on Scanning & Shortwave
Topics and Freq.'s. Much more!  $10  (add $3 USPS)

FS: - "The Citizen's Guide To Scanning" by Bob Kay. 125 pgs Paperback. Ton's
of Freq for scanner listening as well as explains Codes and Who is where on
Freq. Band plan. Lots of photo's. Police, Nasa, Media, Govmt, exciting info
for the average person to comprehend and understand. Very good Book!  $5
(add $3 USPS)

FS: - "Communications Satellites" - "A Monitor's Guide" Popular 3rd Edition
by Larry Van Horn. Larger 255 pg Paperback with literally TONS of photos and
extremely interesting data and freq lists and How to's! This is one book I
can not say enough about!! Published by Grove Enterprises (The Popular Bob
Grove) How to tune in Satellites, Domestic, international, Space-Station,
DBS, WX, etc, Monitoring tips, techniques, how to's, Ton's of info, freq's,
Satellite info, on and on! A must have book for the listening enthusiast!
Monitor the Space Station & Space shuttle missions!  $10 (add $4 USPS)

FS: - "The Hidden Signals On Satellite TV" by Thomas P. Harrington. Popular
2nd Edition. Monitor STereo Subcarriers, Telephone channels,world news
services, audio subcarriers, Teletype News-Press, Commodity News, Radio
Channels, Stock Market Reports, Teletext (VBI), Single Channel Per Carrier,
Multiplex Data Channels Plus Many Other "HIDDEN" Services On Satellite. 234
page Paperback. Convert your home Satellite Big dish into a Monitoring
Station, Freq.'s, Photo's, and how to's. Hook up a Police scanner to a Big
Dish Satellite system and listen to an unbelievable amount of stuff all
contained within this interesting book!  $10  (add $4 USPS)

FS: - "Betty Bearcat" Frequency Directory for SouthEast Region of USA (AL,
AK, FL, GA, LO ,MS, NC, SC, TN, Puerto Rico & *** Is.) over 1" thick book
full of scanner freq.'s for Police/fire/Ambulance/Govrmnt/Transport/ and
many more! Some photos, Freq. Band plans, 10 Codes, much more! Also w/
purchase of this Book will throw-in another Book for FREE. "Police Call" -
"Radio Guide" by Radio Shack. Includes Fire/ER services. Freq list for FL,
NC, GA, VA, DC, SC, WV. Volume 6.  $5 (for both books)  (add $5 USPS)

FS: - "COSMOS" by Carl Sagan. A #1 Best-Seller Book. 5 Million copies in
print! Never look at the stars or the wonders of space the same again! This
exciting book traces today's knowledge and scientific methods to their
historical roots. Past, present and future of the Cosmos, Galaxies and
future of science. A real quality 325 page paperback book any astronomer
will love!  $5  (add $3 USPS)

If purchasing more than one book, shipping will be much less.

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