New Product from Grove

New Product from Grove

Post by Air Bos » Wed, 06 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Get on the MT Express

    Grove Enterprises, the publisher of Monitoring Times magazine is pleased
to announce a new product -- MT Express.

    You can now receive your subscription to Monitoring Times magazine in
electronic form. No more delays due to mailing, no lost or torn copies.

    For less than the cost of a subscription in the United States, you can
be reading the entire Monitoring Times magazine anywhere in the world before
U.S. subscribers receive their printed copies! MT Express is the exact same
magazine that has gained a worldwide reputation for reliable radio
information that's easy to understand, and products and projects of proven

    For a mere $19.95 per year (U.S.) MT Express gives you Monitoring Times

            - in PDF format viewable with free software
            - delivered by FTP (10MB file)
            - viewable in brillant color on your computer screen
            - easily navigated by clicking on the Table of Contents
            - printable using your computer printer
            - searchable to find every mention of a topic or station
            - importable into your frequency databases
            - compatiable with software to convert test to audio for sight

    To find out if this new subscription is the delivery solution for you,
you may download the August issue for free. Just go to to find out how.

    One year subscription to MT Express is only $19.95 (U.S.), or for even
greater savings, $11 in addition to your printed subscription of $23.95 in
the U.S.

    To order MT Express call toll-free (800) 438-8155 or e-mail:

    In addition, Grove Enterprises new Fall-Winter products catalog is also
available on our website, free of charge, in PDF format for immediate