(BC250D) Trunk Scanning and adding banks

(BC250D) Trunk Scanning and adding banks

Post by Jon Van Alle » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 04:17:31

While you are scanning, press the decimal key and you will see it toggle
between banks and talkgroup lists. Once you know you are in banks, press 2
and you will also be scanning bank 2.


Quote:> Hey all...

> ... hopefully someone will have an answer for this, otherwise I'll
> give Uniden a call...

> Let me try to decribe the scenario:

> Bank 1 has trunked freqs. It is doing a great job, I couldnt be
> happier.

> I'd like to activate Bank 2 as well, as it contains some conventional
> freqs that I'd like to scan.

> but I CANT because while the scanner is scanning Trunked Bank 1, it
> is saying ID SCAN and showing the available 1-10 talkgroup banks.

> Therefore, when trying to activate *2*, all I am succeeding in doing
> is toggling talkgroup #2.

> am I missing a setting here?

> The way I have gotten around it is to remove the antenna. once that
> is done, it stops doing ID SCAN and instead shows the active bank,
> and then I can choose to activate another bank.

> did that make sense? hope I was clear enough :)