Yupitero MVT-7100 vs aor 1000

Yupitero MVT-7100 vs aor 1000

Post by Victor Heal » Wed, 19 Jan 1994 23:04:59

Have you used and appreciated the AOR1000?
Do you now have a Yupitero MVT-7100?

Please let me know your observations about the Yupi.

Please no responce from those who had the aor 1000 and did not like it or
who have never had one. I do not need a review of either radio.  I am
interested in only those who truely know the subject.

Thanks in advance

Victor Healey ki4je

PS Mosnato adding Bovine growth hormone to your milk Feb3, 1994. Bigger
things to come. (***s ?)

Dow: Brings good things to life!