in case you haven't guessed (CORRECTION)

in case you haven't guessed (CORRECTION)

Post by D Sta » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

And mistakenly gave the wrong callsign. My apologies to
KA0SSJ, whoever you are. Here is the correct version:

Quote:>Bill Cheek is now being "spoofed" in the newsgroup.  For
>those of you who are new to this, spoofing is what we call
>falsely using someone else's identification to post email
>and newsgroup articles.  The spoofer lacks Bill's educated
>way with words and is resorting to very brief, insulting
>messages with the clear intent of furthering the *** on
>Bill's reputation.  

>(I won't deny that Bill may have done some of his own
>damage, but that's another debate and we are conducting that
> one in private email.)

>Since we already know that one "John Mackey KA0SSF" has been using a
>false account to access the newsgroup for several days, and
>since I sent email to the sysadmins of every system through
>which an email from him passed enroute to my system, the
>clear implication is that he may be the guilty party.  He
>does possess the ability and low morals to engage in such
>behavior, as he has already demonstrated.

>I have one reason for posting this at all.  I think the
>stink in here is already intolerable and I hope all the
>kiddies go home and wash up for dinner now. We don't need a
>spoofer prolonging the agony.  Ignore it. Please.

>73 de Dave, NF2G