Speedx World of Utilities Electronic Edition, Nov.94

Speedx World of Utilities Electronic Edition, Nov.94

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 =====     SPEEDX's World of Utilities Electronic Edition      =====
   =====          Specializing in Utility Signals            =====
      ==========   Vol. 4, No.11  November, 1994      ==========
                     Edited by Richard Baker

   *Please feel free to re-post this file to other boards, as long as
the file remains unchanged. Permission is granted to use this
information so log as SPEEDX, and World of Utilities Electronic Edition
is cited as the original source. COPYRIGHT 1994, SPEEDX.
////////////////////////////// UTILITIES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                  Ute Logs and Frequency Information
                         Mike Wolfson, Editor
                           1842 Mifflin Ave
                          Ashland, Ohio 44805


5505    EIP: Shannon Volmet Ireland 0050 6/6 USB 333 (aero wx) (Wolfson, Oh)
5547    QANTAS 12: 0828 6/9 USB (wkg San Francisco at flt level 310
        w/position rpt, SELCAL chk) (Clar, NY)
5550    RAVEN AIR 34: UK ? 0009 6/11 USB (wkg NY at flt level 160, position
        ELKAS) (Clar, NY)
5598    AIR INDIA 112: 0330 6/11 USB (wkg Gander, SELCAL chk) (Clar, NY);  
        EGGX: Shanwick Oceanic Radio 0431 6/16 USB (wkg UNITED 914,        
        w/position rpt) (Lukas, NY)
5610    PORTISHEAD RADIO: UK 0440 6/16 USB (wkg a/c w/callsign of KP, had
        trouble raising them) (Lukas, NY)
5616    ELITE FLT 335: Canada 3000 Airlines 0118 6/2 USB (wkg Gander w/    
        position rpt, SELCAL chk JQHK) (Clar, NY)
5643    ANSETT 2847: New Zealand Airlines 0904 6/9 USB (wkg Aukland
        w/position rpt, SELCAL) (Clar, NY)
5649    FINNAIR 122: 0107 6/4 USB (wkg Gander w/position rpt, SELCAL chk
        DE-AG) (Clar, NY); AIR FRANCE 031: 0404 6/26 USB 353 (wkg Gander in
        EE, SELCAL chk) (D'Angelo, Pa)
6535    SAL RADIO IFSS: Cape Verde 0124 USB (wkg BA 246 w/final score of
        Bulgaria/-Argentina World Cup game, enroute EZE-LHR) (Orr, Va)
6577    NEW YORK ARINC: US 2147 (wkg CARNIVAL 137, 172 w/relay from ARP for
        VR-BMG-not able to transmit on HF) (Orr, Va)
6586    AIR TRANSIT 369: 2320 6/4 USB (wkg NY w/position rpt) (Clar, NY); KEA
        5: New York Radio US 0023 6/16 USB (wkg AVIANCA 020) (Lukas, NY)
6628    BALAIR FLT 3669: 2348 6/1 USB (wkg Santa Maria w/position rpt, SELCAL
        chk BJEQ) (Clar, NY)
6643    BERNE RADIO LDOC: Switzerland 0045 USB (w/pp for ALITALIA 572
        w/ALITALIA ops in Italy, complete w/recorded hold msg in It/EE while
        waiting for extension, MD-11, SELCAL FKEJ) (Orr, Va) (great log    
8843    MALAYSIAN FLT 93: 0020 5/27 USB (wkg San Francisco at flt level 330)
        (Clar, NY)
8846    CARNIVAL AIRLINES FLT 172: 2040 5/29 USB (wkg NY w/position rpt)
        (Clar, NY)
8849    TRANSPORTES AEREOS MARILIA: Columbia ? 0046 USB (wkg AVIATECA 502  
        w/flt info in SS) (Orr, Va)
8855    PIARCO AERADIO: Trinidad/Tobago 2229 USB (wkg KL714 w/oceanic
        clearance and AOM438 w/ARP) (Orr, Va); BELEM AERADIO: Brazil 2226  
        (clg Manaus Aeradio w/tfc re VG538 and u/ID a/c in PT) (Orr, Va)
8864    CARGOLUX 775: 1210 6/23 USB (wkg Gander w/position rpt) (Clar, NY)
8879    EGYPTAIR 985: 1248 6/5 USB (wkg Gander w/position rpt, SELCAL chk  
        ADJM) (Clar, NY); GANDER AERADIO: Newfoundland Canada 1432 5/27 USB
        (wkg UKRAINIAN 103, German Air Force a/c) (Lukas, NY)
8891    BIRD: Reykjavik Oceanic Center Iceland 1406 6/22 USB (wkg u/ID flt)
        (Lukas, NY); CAMBRIDGE BAY RADIO: Victoria Island Northwest Territory
        0414 6/23 USB (wkg AIR CANADA 816) (Lukas, NY)
8894    AIR ZIMBABWE 726: 0038 6/6 USB (wkg Algiers at flt level 390) (Clar,
8896.5  LIMA AERADIO: Peru 2226 USB (wkg u/ID tfc in SS, wkg u/ID a/c in SS,
        ID) (Orr, Va)
8903    BRAZZAVILLE AERADIO: Congo 0126 USB (wkg SA265, SA234 w/ARPs) (Orr,
        Va); LIBREVILLE AERADIO: Gabon 2138 USB (wkg AF427, RQ016 in FF    
        w/ARPs) (Orr, Va)
8906    SOBELAIR 1888: 2342 6/5 USB (wkg NY w/position rpt, SELCAL chk CSHP)
8930    STOCKHOLM RADIO LDOC: Sweden 0000 USB (wkg DL132 for SELCAL chk-CDBR)
        (Orr, Va)
10075   FINE AIR 427: 0038 6/7 USB (wkg Houston Radio, depart Santo Domingo
        for Miami, SELCAL DKHJ) (Clar, NY)
11176   AFD14: Ascension Island 2158 6/11 USB 444 (wkg REACH 321 w/PIREP)  
        (Wolfson, Oh); AFA2: Andrews Air Force Base Md US 1612 6/15 USB (wkg
        SHADOW 21 w/pp regarding an officer's retirement and party) (Lukas,
11200   RAF BRAMPTON: Volmet UK 0000 6/14 USB 434 (aero wx) (Wolfson, Oh)
11214   CENTCOM 01: USAF 1750 6/12 USB (a/c w/Central Command commander on
        board, wkg Andrews for rdo cks). (Baker, Oh)
11226   NIGHTWATCH 01: USAF 2249 6/27 USB (E-4B? clg NEWCOMER no joy, then  
        b/casts EAM, NIGHTWATCH is a callword for Nat'l Emer Airborne C.P.
        -NEACP program, this c/s probably is an E-4B Advanced Airborne C.P.
        a/c. Active w/call since April) (Baker, Oh)
11300   AIR MAURITANIUS 040: 2338 5/25 USB (wkg Cairo w/position rpt enroute
        to Paris) (Clar, NY)
11336   VGF-CZQX: Gander Radio-Gander Oceanic Center Newfoundland Canada 1406
        6/22 USB (wkg CONTINENTAL 51 over LOACH, name from map received from
        2 meter net member, I run net) (Lukas, NY)
11460   ANDREWS: USAF Md US 2254 (wkg SAM 204 w/pp & wx) (Johnson, Il)
13354   CONNIE 762: 0110 6/11 USB (wkg Honolulu w/position rpt) (Clar, NY)
17946   ALL NIPPON 005: 0108 6/26 USB (wkg Honolulu w/request for flt level
        330)  (Clar, NY)


  416   WCC: Chatham Radio Ma US 0651 6/10 (w/tfc list) (Baker, Oh)
  516   YWA: NDB Petawawa Field Ont Canada 0646 6/10 (w/CW ID) (Baker, Oh)
 4213   FFT21: St Lys Radio France 0505 6/1 (marker) (Lukas, NY)
 4285   VCS: Canadian Coast Guard Halifax Nova Scotia 0132 6/28 (ID)        
        (Morasco, WV) (Welcome to the column David-MW)
 4299   PPO: Olinda Radio Brazil 0033 6/2 (marker) (Lukas, NY)
 4310   WNU41: Slidell Radio Al US 0136 6/28 (ID) (Morasco, WV)

 4331   WCC: Chatham Radio Ma US 0142 6/28 (ID) (Morasco, WV)
 4343   SILO: NO ID 2330 6/20 (Caribbean wx) (Morasco, WV) (Most likely WLO
        on 4343.0 RD)
6382.2  EAD2: Madrid Radio Spain 2345 6/20 (ID) (Morasco, WV)
6416    WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 0215 6/29 (ID, freq list) (Morasco, WV)
6421.5  FFL3: St Lys Radio France 2350 6/20 (ID) (Morasco, WV)
6484.5  WSC: Tuckerton Radio NJ US 0240 (ID, AMVER request) (Morasco, WV)
8573    CLA21: Havana Radio Cuba 1639 6/21 (ID, freq list) (Morasco, WV)
8680    WSC: Tuckerton Radio NJ US 1652 6/21 (AMVERS request, ID) (Morasco,
12844   KFS: Palo Alto Radio Ca US 1614 6/11 444 (ID) (Wolfson, Oh)
12876   VAI: Vancouver Coast Guard Radio Canada 1335 6/20 444 (marker)
        (Brewer, Ks)
12912.6 FFL6: St Lys Radio France 2226 6/19 (ID) (Morasco, WV)
13087.0 HKB: NO ID 2239 6/19 (wx, 6.273/8.364 repeated) (Morasco, WV) (listed
        as Barranquilla Radio, Columbia-MW) Also odd on a SSB frequency -RD
13304   FUF: French Navy Martinique 2234 6/19 (ID) (Morasco, WV)
16968.5 WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 1721 6/21 (ID, OBS ?) (Morasco, WV)
17227.5 ZLO: Irirangi Naval(?) New Zealand 2353 6/4 (w/marker) (Ward, Ca)
17232.3 HPP: Panama Intelmar Radio Panama 2350 6/4 (w/vvv marker) (Ward, Ca)
22458   WNU46: Slidell Radio La US 0126 6/2 (w/cq marker) (Ward, Ca)
22460.9 FUJ: Noumea Naval New Caledonia 0127 6/2 (w/vvv marker) (Ward, Ca)
22463   JCU: Choshi Radio Japan 0525 6/3 (w/cq marker) (Ward, Ca)
22474   VIP: Perth Radio Wa Australia 0524 6/3 (w/vvv marker) (Ward, Ca)
22476   NMO: USCG COMMSTA Honolulu HI US 0326 6/4 (w/cq marker) (Ward, Ca)
22477.5 KPH: San Francisco Radio Ca US 0129 6/2 (w/vvv marker) (Ward, Ca)
22485   VHP: Canberra ACT Australia 0130 6/2 (w/vvv marker) (Ward, Ca)
22486.9 WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 1604 6/4 (Ward, Ca)
22518   WCC: Chatham Radio Ma US 0133 6/29 (w/vvv marker) (Ward, Ca)
22536   VPS22: Cape D'Aguilar Radio Hong Kong 0532 6/3 (w/cq marker) (Ward,
22539   KLB: Seattle Radio Wa US 1606 6/4 (w/cq marker) (Ward, Ca)
22544   FUM: Papeete Naval Tahiti Society Is. 0334 6/4 (w/vvv marker) (Ward,
22557   KPH: San Francisco Radio Ca US 1608 6/4 (w/vvv marker) (Ward, Ca)
22565   XSW: Taichung Radio Taiwan 0426 6/4 (w/cq marker) (Ward, Ca)


 2182   NMY42: USCG Moriches Group New York US 0606 6/30 USB (w/pan-pan ann
        of man reported overboard, gives loc, req vessels in vicinity assist
        if poss) (Baker, Oh)
 2670   NMY42: USCG COMMSTA Moriches New York US 0012 5/27 (wx, nav info for
        NY waters) (Lukas, NY)
 4146   WF9: NO ID 0422 6/1 USB (intership simplex tfc) (Lukas, NY)
 4369   SOVTUG TIGR: 1315 USB (PAN!, PAN!, EMERGENCY!, tow broken, help)    
        (Hall, SA)
 4369.1 FF CRANE BARGE BOS400: 1328 USB (MAYDAY!, MAYDAY!) (Hall, SA)
 4372   T4W: 0156 6/29 USB (wkg O9R w/rendezvous time) (Morasco, WV)
        Giant Killer, USN FACSFAC Va. -RD
 4387   WOO: Oceangate Radio NJ US 0206 6/29 USB (AT&T marine telephone
        instructions) (Morasco, WV)
 6200   NBPG: USCGC Escape (WMEC-6) 0646 6/24 USB (wkg NMN re HFDL freq)    
        (Baker, Oh)
 6218   ZCUX: Hong Kong flagged cargo vessel Repulse Bay 0617 6/09 USB
        (concluding R/T tfc w/WLO) (Baker, Oh)
 6224   DONNYBROOK: 0000 6/13 USB 434 (wkg COCONUT w/chit-chat, QTH 100 miles
        below Cincinnati, river boats/barges??) (Wolfson, Oh)
 6227   ADTF: NO ID 2239 6/21 USB (US Army vessel clg AAC2, no joy, any one
        have a name for this vessel) (Navary, Va)
 6236   FOXTROT TANGO: US Navy 0517 6/29 USB (w/Hotel, Juliet, w/battle group
        alligator freq, after voice comms, Link-11 system came up) (Baker,  
 6516   NORW: USCGC Jefferson Island (WPB-1345) 1628 6/24 USB (relaying    
        updated position on ves to CG 2114 who relays info to Group Moriches,
        NMY42, believe this was a F/V smuggling Chinese seen in press); NJPJ:
        USCGC Reliance (WMEC-615) 1658 6/09 USB (wkg BLUEFISH 07 (CG 6007?)
        for flt op's); NMF: COMMSTA Boston 1858 6/04 USB (wkg COD 14 who    
        ID'ed on 5696 as the 2114 a/c, re the distressed S/V Debra Ann) All
        (Baker, Oh)
 8207   3FMF3: SS Enchanted Sea 0231 6/07 USB (clg/wkg WOM for R/T tfc)    
        (Baker, Oh)
 8225   LENA3: Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship M/S Song of America 1527 6/25 USB
        (concluding R/T tfc w/WOO) (Baker, Oh)
 8234   NVLA: USS Vella Gulf (CG-72) 2155 6/27 USB (concluding R/T tfc w/WOM
        using call NVLA in phonetics) (Baker, Oh)
 8240   NKIA: USS Moinester (FFT-1097) 1537 6/30 USB (wkg NMN re rdo ck. on
        4 megs SCN). (Baker, Oh); PJYG: M/V Hibiscus 1805 6/12 USB (wkg NMN
        w/obs rpt) (Navary, Va)
 8764   GKU44: Portishead Radio UK 2131 6/2 USB (s/s call) (Lukas, NY)
12242   2WNV: Yacht Cassotis 0044 6/29 USB (wkg CommSta New Orleans, NMG re
        medico. Person on bd w/chest pains, after passing lat/lon RCC Long  
        Beach app recommended yacht turn back to Panama as it was closer)  
        (Baker, Oh); NBPG: USCGC Escape 2040 6/19 USB (wkg CAMSLANT        
        Chesapeake) (Navary, Va)
13089   NMG: USCG COMMSTA New Orleans 1300 6/11 USB (wkg USS Joseph Hewes)  
        (Navary, Va) This ship now decommissioned -RD


 4560   CFH: Halifax Military Nova Scotia Canada 0404 6/23 USB (w/ann of    
        "traffic list" for HMCS Porte St Louis, HMCS Port St Jean and 3rd unk
        Port St -?. Same broadcast at 0459) (Baker, Oh); CYWS: HMCS Porte St
        Louis (YNG-183) 0521 6/23 USB (clg Halifax Military, no joy as      
        Halifax is on 5198.5 w/Port St Jean). (Baker, Oh)
 5000   YVTO: Time Signal Caracas Venezuela 0809 6/2 333-433 (time pips, SS
        ID) (D'Angelo, Pa)
 5198.5 CYWJ: HMCS Port St Jean (YNG-180) 0523 6/23 USB (on "A2B" wkg Halifax
        Military, CFH, who passes UNCLAS hydrolant info) (Baker, Oh)
 5211   WGY912: FEMA Special Facility Berryville Va US 0029 6/1 USB (ch 15,
        FOXTROT 11, NECN net, callup w/AFA1ZS, US MARS stn wkg USS Underwood
        and other USN stn, lasted 2 days) (Lukas, NY); WGY912: FEMA        
        Berryville Va US 0101 6/01 USB (wkg various federal stn in FEMA    
        exercise) (Navary, Va)
 6993   AFD: Andrews Air Force Base Md US 2204 6/11 USB 444 (wkg EXEC 1-non
        military plane with Pres or first family on board w/ramp info, 646  
        secondary) (Wolfson, Oh)
10000   WWV: Time Station Ft Collins Co US 0016 6/14 (OO-LA-LA QRM,        
        whistling, SS lang tfc) (Wolfson, Oh)
10125   CIO2: Mossad Israel 0046 6/2 AM (no msg, just c/s) (Lukas, NY)
10493   KQT615: EPA Montgomery Al US 1640 6/01 USB (wkg WGY912, FEMA        
        Barrymore facility, for National Comms Test inv many federal/military
        stations ck'ing in over 24 hr period) (Baker, Oh); KCJ70: FAA      
        Colorado US 0126 6/01 USB (wkg WGY912) (Navary, Va); WGY904: FEMA  
        Thomasville Ga US 1819 6/01 USB (wkg several chk-ins to FEMA        
        exercise) (Navary, Va) KHA910: NASA Dryden Flt Res. Ctr 1834 6/01 USB
        (wkg WGY905) (Navary, Va); AGA2RA: USAF MARS Robbins Air Force Base
        Ga US 1846 6/01 USB (wkg WGY905) (Navary, Va)


 4180.5 SXNU: M/V Ruby 0413 6/18 SITOR-A (tlx to Piraeus) (Navary, Va)
 6262   YP685: U.S. Naval Academy training boats-YP's 0639 6/30 PACKET      
        (several logged inc YP 685, others) (Baker, Oh)
 6269   BOAE: M/V Dong He 0418 6/18 SITOR-A (wkg KPH) (Navary, Va)
 6270   C6IL4: M/V Emanuel C 0538 6/21 SITOR-A (tlx tfc, all references I  
        have show this ship as the M/V Emanuel B, Emanuel C used numerous  
        times during b/c) (Navary, Va)
 6301.01 PMR KHUDOZHNIK GERASIMOV: 1005 5/19 50/170 (wkg Vladivostok) (Roach,
 6306.02 TKH TOVOL: 0937 5/19 50/170 (enroute to Japan, wkg Kholmsk/Merchant
        Marine) (Roach, Ca)
 6308   TKH TEREKHOLSK: 1253 5/26 50/170N (wkg Vladivostok) (Roach, Ca)
 6337.5 NO ID: 1232 75/178 (wx codes for NAWS) (Hall, SA)
 6348   HWN: Paris France 0200 6/15 75/850 454 (ID, no tfc) (Card, RI)
 6852   WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 1438 6/11 FAX 444 (wx chart) (Wolfson, Oh)
 7596.2 5UA: ASECNA Niamey Nigeria 1717 ARQ M2 96/410 (aero tfc) (Hall, SA)
 7684.9 RBV75: Moscow Meteo Russia 1725 50/1002 (wx codes) (Hall, SA)
 8384.5 SS Jeremiah O'Brien: 0412 6/28 SITOR-A (tlx to San Francisco, vessel
        is the only WWII Liberty-ship that sailed to France for the D-Day  
        celebration. Ves said to be in outer harbor of Cherbourg, France)  
        (Baker, Oh)
 8389.5 NMN: USCG CAMSLANT Chesapeake Va US 0008 6/14 SITOR-A (w/phasing & CW
        ID, at 0314 into Sitor-B w/RYRY to "NRCB", the USCGC Eagle w/UNCLAS
        tfc). (Baker, Oh)
 8397   USZD: PB Vladivostok 1314 5/14 100/170 (Roach, Ca)
 8397.5 KHLM: PKB Marshal Meretskov 0739 5/7 50/170 (QSY 6307.5 at 0741)    
        (Roach, Ca)
 8402.06 TKH VOSKRESENSK: 0912 5/19 50/170 (wkg Kholmsk/Merchant Marine)    
        (Roach, Ca)
 8435.5 OST40: Ostend Radio Belgium 0409 6/09 SITOR-A (phasing & CW ID)    
        (Baker, Oh)
 8492.7 GYA: Royal Navy Northwood UK 0515 6/28 100/170 (coded tfc broken by
        RYRY's). (Baker, Oh)
10816.6 NO ID: 1720 PICCOLO (Hall, SA)
10892   GXQ: British Army London UK 1715 VFT 50/170 (test tape on several
        channels) (Hall, SA)
11032   NO ID: 1710 PICCOLO (Hall, SA)
11063.2 LZU2: Sofia Meteo Bulgaria 1707 50/402 (wx codes) (Hall, SA)
12171.2 PWX33: Rio de Janeiro NAVRAD Brazil 1255 75/381 (test tape) (Hall,
12479   9VLG: M/V Front Guider 1140 6/22 SITOR-A (AMVER msg) (Navary, Va)
12480.5 C6HG5: M/V Igloo Finn 0133 6/14 SITOR-A (tlx in Greek) (Navary, Va)
12490   NCOM: USNS Comfort (T-AH-20) 0158 6/29 SITOR-A (UNCLAS SITREP or
        situation report, via CAMSLANT Chesapeake, NMN, Comfort is a hospital
        ship taken out of moth balls for Haitian Op's as a temp processing  
        point) (Baker, Oh)
12497.5 EOIW: M/V Sergey Lemeshev 2225 6/03 SITOR-A (tlx via San Francisco
        Radio w/ETA Balboa) (Navary, Va)
12502   3EAW7: Pacific Rider 1301 6/14 SITOR-A (tlx re/ETA Philadelphia)    
        (Navary, Va)
12586.5 DCL: Norddeich Radio Germany 0000 6/14 SITOR-B (tfc list) (Baker, Oh)
12615   USU: Mariopol Radio Russia 0449 6/28 SITOR-A (wkg TH Komsomolets
        Moldaviy-UHTV, w/ack of msgs sent) (Baker, Oh)
12729.67 NMC: US Navy San Francisco Ca US 0323 6/18 FAX 434 (fair wx chart)
        (Wolfson, Oh)
13005   NLVQ: USS South Carolina (CGN-37) 1559 6/30 75/850 (RYRY to NMN,
        CAMSLANT Chesapeake, no joy, later NMN sent RYRY's but the two never
        connected on this freq) (Baker, Oh)
13510.38 CFH: Canadian Coast Guard Halifax Nova Scotia 1548 6/11 72/721 444
        (coded wx, ice conditions) (Wolfson, Oh)
13580.25 KCNA: North Korean News Agency Pyongyang 2230 5/13 50/270 ??
        (propaganda) (Roach, Ca)
13852.1 DDK6: Hamburg Meteo Germany 2043 6/11 FAX 222-333 (ID, poor ice    
        conditions chart) (Wolfson, Oh)
14441.8 RFFAAS: FM Guerre DIRMAT Paris France 1131 ARQ E3 48/402 (wkg AIG
        1955, others in FF) (Hall, SA)
17445.8 5YE: Nairobi Meteo Kenya 1134 FAX (tuning chart on 17443.4 USB)
        (Hall, SA)
18198.3 NO ID: 1147 SITOR A (FF tfc, signed Kiamana/Dykmans, unlisted) (Hall,
18380.4 RFFDCC: FM BUROSERNAT Rennes France 1225 ARQ E3 100/403 (to various
        FF bases in FF) (Hall, SA)
18668   NO ID: 1244 SITOR A (possible MFA Cairo w/AA tfc, listed Mongol    
        embassy, CZH) (Hall, SA)
20304.8 EGYPTIAN EMBASSY: Kinshasa Zaire 1525 SITOR A (AA tfc) (Hall, SA)
20613.1 NO ID: 1520 SITOR A (5 ltr grps, unlisted) (Hall, SA)
22320   V2LU: Maersk Kingston 1438 6/12 SITOR-A (tlx via WLO, believe this
        ship was formerly the Ursus Delmas) (Navary, Va)
22377.5 KFS: San Francisco Radio Ca US 0112 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22379   VIP: Perth Radio Wa Australia 0413 6/10 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22381   WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 0114 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca); 9VG:
        Singapore Radio Singapore 0103 6/29 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22382   NMC: USCG COMMSTA San Francisco Ca US 0414 6/10 SITOR (w/cw ID)
        (Ward, Ca)
22382.5 KPH: San Francisco Radio Ca US 0115 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22383.5 WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 0115 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22385.5 WNU: Slidell Radio La US 0111 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22386.5 WCC: Chatham Radio Ma US 0416 6/10 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22389   9VG: Singapore Radio Singapore 0104 6/29 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22389.5 NMO: USCG COMMSTA Honolulu Hi US 0118 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22391.5 NO ID: 0105 6/29 SITOR (frequently heard, but never with CW ID)
        (Ward, Ca)
22394.5 LPD: Gen. Pacheco Radio Argentina 1454 6/4 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22395   KPH: San Francisco Radio Ca US 0119 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22396   NO ID: 0106 6/29 SITOR (frequently heard, but never with CW ID)
        (Ward, Ca)
22403   WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 0120 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22418   WLO: Mobile Radio Al US 0123 6/2 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)
22420   XSQ: Guangzhou Radio China 0551 6/3 SITOR (w/cw ID) (Ward, Ca)

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ UTILITY NOTES ////////////////////////////////
        News and Information from the World of Utilities
                   Richard "RD" Baker, Editor
                       1352 Cavalcade Dr.
                   Austintown, Ohio 44515-3844

     Its the "dog days" of summer, and summer is going, going...almost gone!
Guess I wasn't high bidder-hi! To start things off this month we have another
review of a newly released directory, so lets do...

RD Reviews: The Worldwide Aeronautical Communications Frequency Directory
            by Robert E. Evans (Universal Radio Research, 1994, 2nd Edition)

     I purchased the first edition of this excellent aero reference back in
1991 upon its release. It has been my aero "bible" since, despite its rather
small and unpretentious appearance. Now, just released is the new and rather
spiffy looking Second Edition of "The Worldwide Aeronautical Communications
Frequency Directory" (hereafter called the Directory...hi!), which is some
260 pages, and contains over 2,350 frequencies for both voice and digital
modes in the HF, VHF, and UHF bands. The second edition of this directory is
a much more conventional bound 8-1/2" x 11" in place of the original 5-1/4"
x 8-1/2", 42 page size!
     Included in the directory are complete Major World and Regional and
Domestic Air Route (MWARA & RDARA) information for 137 countries, company
operations for 116 world airlines, Volmet broadcasts from 70 world cities and
military coverage of 30 world air forces. The frequency lists are criss-
crossed by frequency and location/type of use. A nice feature when your
listening late at night and did he say "Puerto Montt" (SAM-SW, Chile) or
"Porto Velho" (SAM-C/SE, Brazil)? A quick check of the criss-cross will tell
you. Its also handy so as to tell that the "Moroni" you heard on 5658.0 is in
the Comoros Islands!
     Digital modes include both the HF RTTY nets as well as the new VHF ACARS
protocol. Message content and the decipherment of aero communications is
covered. These, along with 12 pages of MWARA sector maps, AFTN/ICAO/IATA
codes, designator's and waypoint location/information, offer a lot more than
a list of frequencies. There is an eight page glossary list and five
appendices total, and a "source list".
     Easy to understand text and all of the information packed into this
directory make it ideal for both novice and experienced "aero" listeners
alike. Highly recommended from RD, the Directory combines a lot of data I had
to accumulate over years; and some I've never seen before. The Directory is
item #0042 from Universal Radio (1-800-431-3939 or 614-866-4267) and retails
for US$19.95. I'm sure other dealers will be carrying it also.

More Fax on Fax
     You may remember awhile back Steve Wielgos (IN) reported NAM's Fax chart
format change. Steve also noted that they were now being listed as "Cutler,
Maine" instead of Norfolk, Va. Well, effective February 1, 1994 the U.S. Navy
moved its Northeast Oceanographic Center's shortwave transmitters from
Norfolk VA to Cutler Maine. This move reduced frequency coverage and the
relocation reflects the Navy's increasing use of satellites for weather
charts for the Atlantic fleet. Since northern latitudes do not have good
satellite coverage, the transmission site was moved further north to better
serve the Atlantic fleet. Civilian users of Norfolk FAX transmission will
suffer from this reduced coverage. To offset this loss of coverage for
civilian and commercial shipping, U.S. Coast Guard's Boston CommSta, NMF, has
increased its transmission schedule, as has been reported.
     This is all apparently part of a plan by the U.S. Navy to phase out all
HF weather-fax broadcasts (Cutler, Maine; Rota, Spain; Pearl Harbor and Guam)
starting with Cutler, Maine on Oct 1, 1995. The U.S. Coast Guard and the
National Weather Service implemented Phase I of expansion of their Atlantic
and Pacific WEFAX broadcast schedules on Jan 31, 1994. However, the long
term plan is to broadcast WEFAX on INMARSAT C.


U.S. Navy
     ~ The U.S. Navy Hospital Ship USNS Comfort (T-AH-20) mentioned last
month has been active on the standard maritime sitor frequencies sending
UNCLAS SITREP's (Unclassified Situation Reports) to CAMSLANT Chesapeake, NMN,
during the month. That takes care of "NCOM" but the ships Mars station,
NNN0CCF, has not yet been heard.
     ~ Operation Support Democracy meanwhile continues at a rapid pace.
According to the Navy News Service (NNS), in just a 24 hour period, over
3,200 Haitian migrants have been rescued by Navy and Coast Guard vessels. So
many Haitians had been picked up from the sea that the Coast Guard cutters
needed an assist from Navy "gray hulls" in the region to handle the volume.
Nine-hundred Haitians were taken aboard USS Spruance (DD 963), and several
hundred others aboard USS Flatley (FFG 21), and USS Clark (FFG 11) for the
transit to Guantanamo Naval Station. Having the Navy ships who were on patrol
to enforce UN sanctions transport the rescued Haitians allowed the cutters to
return to their search for additional Haitian boats in the Windward Passage,
according to the release.
     This release illustrates another point in listening to these nets. The
Foxtrot Mike net on 4090.0 Khz, and other frequencies, are the multi-national
units of JTF-120 involved in Operation Support Democracy, the United Nations
sanctions against Haiti.
     The Foxtrot Charlie net on 6818.5 and 7741.0 are U.S. Coast Guard
cutters which are a part of Operation Able Manner or watching for Haitians
attempting to flee Haiti by the sea. There are still two distinctly different
operations here. One is stopping people coming out, the other is keeping
certain folks from coming in. I believe this has been confirmed a number of
times by closely listening to these nets. On one FC net they made mention of
doing "JTF-120 a favor" and checking out a ship, for example.
     Then we have the Foxtrot Tango nets which are just U.S. Navy units which
can be tasked on several missions or in training. These nets have been
suspected in the past of being assigned to JTF-4, the U.S. multi-agency,
anti-drug task force. They also recently were found on 5293.0 Khz giving the
Foxtrot Charlie's a hand transporting Haitians to Guantanamo Bay.
     The USS Inchon Amphibious Ready Group, which returned June 24 from a
six-month deployment to the Adriatic and Somalia, has departed Norfolk Va.
enroute to waters off Haiti this week. The ARG includes USS Inchon (LPH 12),
USS Portland (LSD 37), USS Trenton (LPD 14), USS Spartanburg County (LST
1192), and the 2,000 Marines of the 24th MEU based in Camp Lejune, N.C.
     Other ships already on station to enforce the United Nations embargo
include USS Cyclone (PC 1), USS Tempest (PC 2), USS Gallery (FFG 26), USS
Kauffman (FFG 59), and the USS Wasp (LHD 1).
     ~ The U.S. Navy is deploying three vessels to the area around South
Korea to bolster naval forces in the region if needed. The group is made up
of the Austin-class Amphibious Transport Dock USS Juneau (LPD 10) and the
Avenger-class Mine Countermeasures Ships USS Guardian (MCM 5) and USS
Patriot (MCM 7).
     ~ The U.S. Navy Ticonderoga-class Aegis Guided Missile Cruiser USS Port
Royal (CG 73) was commissioned in early July. Port Royal is the last ship of
this class. She was authorized F.Y. 1988, and ordered February 25, 1988. She
was laid down at Litton Corp.'s Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, MS, on
October 14, 1991, and launched November 20, 1992.
     ~ The U.S. Navy Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser USS Long Beach (CGN-9)
was deactivated on July 2 at NAVSTA Norfolk, VA.

U.S. Coast Guard
     ~ Reference to "CTU" which has heard and logged on the Coast Guard
frequencies for some time, this stands for Commander Task Unit. The Coast
Guard uses exactly the same structure as the Navy uses since the Coast Guard
falls under the Navy in times of war (and during certain exercises). The
structure is: CTU reports to a CTG (Commander Task Group) which reports to a
CTF (Commander Task Force) which now some times reports to a JTF (Joint Task
Force). As in JTF-120...?

U.S. Air Force
     ~ The Air national Guard made history July 1 when they for the first
time ever, began flying the B-1 bomber. The 184th Fighter Group at McConnell
AFB, Kansas, received the B-1B Lancer and became the 184th Bomb Group. The
unit, which had flown F-16s, also moved from Air Education and Training
Command to Air Combat Command (ACC). A second unit, the 116th Fighter Wing at
Dobbins ARB, Ga., is scheduled to convert to the B-1B, but a date has not yet
been set.

     ~ The F-16's of the 512th Fighter Squadron will be inactivated at
Ramstein AB, Germany and activated at Aviano as the 510th FS, according to
the Air Force News Service. The 526th FS inactivated at Ramstein in March and
became the 555th FS at Aviano. Both moves resulted from the 86th Wing's
mission changing to airlift. A squadron of about 16 C-130s and associated
units from Rhein-Main AB, Germany, are in the process of moving to Ramstein
and should be in place by Oct. 1. The move brings about 1,100 people to the
wing, which will become the 86th Airlift Wing.
     The 76th Airlift and the 75th Aeromedical Airlift squadrons will
continue their missions at Ramstein. The 76th supports distinguished visitors
with C-20, C-21 and T-43 aircraft. The 75th supports aeromedical evacuations
throughout Europe with C-9 Nightingales.


More Cruising
     ~ American-Hawaii Cruise Lines S.S. Independence, call sign KPHI, is
entering dry dock to under go a refit July 20. The ship will be laid up until
October some time.
     ~ OdessAmerica announced it has decided to use Gulfport, MS, as the
springtime port for its 515 foot, 15,600 ton cruise ship Gruziya. They will
offer eight cruises to Latin America and one party cruise in the Gulf from
that location.

FCC Shuts Down KMI's Sitor-B
     In late breaking news as this column was going to press, reports being
circulated indicated AT&T coastal marine station KMI was forced by the
Federal Communications Commission to close down their Sitor-B broadcast
transmissions. An unnamed engineer for KMI was being quoted as stating they
were not allowed to broadcast continuously on the SITOR channels allocated to
them. Apparently this refers to their continuous traffic lists and station
information which has run for quite awhile! At this time I was unable to
learn any new information, but I can confirm that the broadcasts have ceased
and I have not located any being made by sister stations WOO or WOM either.

     Another mystery LDOC has appeared! Two months ago Tim Braun reported
operating on 8095/11470 ID'ing as 'Sylvair', 'Big A', 'Connie Ops', and
'Khalitta Ops'. Now, Tom McKee checks in with news of a new LDOC operation he
came across:

Cedar Rapids LDOC    by Tom McKee
     There is another new U.S. LDOC using the identifier "Cedar Rapids." I
suppose this is an expansion of the Rockwell/Collins communications services.
They have long used some of the equipment test frequencies for communications
purposes, but what I am hearing now are on regular LDOC channels with service
to all callers.
     The frequencies I have identified so far are 8933, 10075 & 13348. I am
also hearing Arinc New York on 8933, and this is a new channel for them.
Johannesburg, RSA used to be about the only thing I would hear on this
channel. The 10075 channel is shared with Universal Radio, "Houston". The
13348 channel is shared with Arinc San Francisco & Honolulu.
     I expect that there are more channels for "Cedar Rapids." I would expect
a 5 or 6 MHz channel, perhaps an 11 MHz channel, and almost surely 17 and 21
MHz channels. Hope this is as new to you as it is to me.

     It sure is Tom, and thanks for the details. In fact, both of these
operations reported by Tim Braun and Tom McKee are so new <how new are
they!>, they didn't make the just released Worldwide Aeronautical
Communications directory reviewed on page 1!

Another Bad Day...
     Last month we had the Captain of the Labrador who forgot to mention a
body stored in his freezer to certain customs folks. Well, this month,
according to Steve "Mr. Warship" Schultz, the U.S. had previously agreed to
sell to the Royal Australian Navy two former Newport-class Tank Landing
Ships. On June 29, 180 RAN personnel were on hand in Norfolk, VA, for the
formal transfer, but to the U.S.'s embarrassment, they were nowhere to be
found. The 180 had been training in the U.S. since February, but when they
went to assume control, the Navy found it didn't have final Congressional
approval for the sale. The ships, the former USS Saginaw (LST 1188) and the
USS Fairfax County (LST 1193); to become HMAS Kanimba and HMAS Manoora,
respectively. See, it can happen to anyone...RD

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