Patrick AFB, NASA-KSC Log - Sunday 8 Feb 2004

Patrick AFB, NASA-KSC Log - Sunday 8 Feb 2004

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       Patrick AFB, NASA-KSC Log - Sunday 8 Feb 2004

12:04am: Area transition.

NASCAR 51: AT-38C, Moody AFB 479FTG
11:00am: Departs Patrick to Jacksonville IAP.
[289.4, 269.375, 132.65, 124.8. UHF & VHF]

10:50am: Inbound MacDill; pilot spelled c/s.

CG AUX 95137: Beech P-35 #D-7012
11:19am: Security overflight at Port Canaveral
[128.55, 133.8]

JOLLY 35: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo #90-26235, Patrick AFB 920RQW 301RQS
12:00noon: Local ops.

SPAR 65: C-37A (Prob 01-0065)
3:40pm: Pattern work at Patrick, then Shuttle Landing Facility overflight, then
to NAS Pensacola.
[133.75, 132.65, 128.55]
Photo 050MVC-647

BUCKEYE 11: F-16D, OH-ANG Springfield ANGB 178FW
5:15pm: Lands Patrick.  
[132.65, 133.75]
Photo 050MVC-648

ROCKET 221: T-2C, Pensacola TW-6 VT-86  
5:16pm: Working in Whiskey Area; RTB Pensacola.
[267.5 Sealord]

SLUG 01: E-2C Hawkeye, Norfolk NAS, USNR VAW-78 "Flying Escargots"
6:57pm: While in the process of landing at Patrick, suddenly RTBs NAS Key West;
gives no reason, but reports acft is fine; requests low altitude if possible.
[281.425, 269.3, 307.1]

NASA 920: T-38N #66-8386, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston
7:13pm: Lands Shuttle Landing Facility.
[132.65, 128.55]

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