Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 13 June 2005

Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 13 June 2005

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 13 June 2005

LIMA LIMA 45: P-3C (Tail LL-528), Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
9:30am: Pattern work at Patrick.
[118.4, 133.75, 132.65, 124.8, 134.0]
Photos: P613005 thru 7;P613013 thru 017.

LIMA LIMA 04: P-3C #160284 (Tail LL-284), Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
9:40am: Pattern work at Patrick.
[118.4, 133.75, 132.65, 124.8, 134.0]
Photos: P613008 thru 012.

DOS 671: UH-1H #73-21671, US State Dept Air Wing, Patrick AFB
10:40am: Departs Patrick.
9:40pm; Lands Patrick.
[133.75, 132.65]

PAT 086: US Army Prioroty Air Transport
11:19am: Area transition.

MOON 60: T-1A/BE-40 Columbus AFB 14FTW
12:30pm: Departs to Columbus AFB.
[118.4, 133.75, 132,65, 124.8]

MOON 79: T-1A/BE-40 Columbus AFB 14FTW
12:33pm: Departs to Columbus AFB.
[118.4, 133.75, 132,65, 124.8]

CG 1720: HC-130H7, USCG Air Station - Clearwater FL
12:35pm: Pattern work at Patrick AFB; bird-strike; RTB KPIE.
8:48pm: Returns to Patrick for pattern work.
9:30pm: RTB KPIE.
[133.75, 132.65, 120.15, 124.8]
Photos: P6130019-0024.

ROCKET 11: F-15E, Seymour Johnson AFB 4FW 336FS "Rocketeers"
1:00pm: Arrives Avon Park Bombing Range; cancels visit to MacDill AFB. Short
stay at Avon; RTB Seymour Johnson.
[292.2, 319.0]
Clay & Jody heard their RTB Air-air comms on 301.225.

AIR TRANSPORT 400: DC-8, Air Transport Intl (USAF Contractor)
1:30pm: Departs Patrick to Antigua, for weekly milk run to ETR downrange
[133.75, 132.65, 133.475, 119.825]
Photo 6130025.

JOSA 813: C-21A USAF VIP Transport
1:19pm: Announced inbound to MacDill AFB.

RAPTORs: F/A-22, Tyndall AFB
1:42pm: Air-air comms; "37,000 feet."
Thanks to Clay for heads-up IM.

STAVE 01: F-15C, Eglin AFB 46TW 40FLTS
2:15pm: Testing sortie over Cape Canaveral AFS. Comms with "Project."
[270.0, 393.0]

LIMA LIMA 79: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
4:05pm: Pattern work at Patrick.
6:35pm: RTB KNIP.
[118.4, 133.75, 132.65]

LIMA LIMA 24: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
4:45pm: Pattern work at Patrick.

UNID, poss Robins 19ARG KC-135 #62-3523
5:53pm: Air-Air Refueling comms; "clear to contact"; passes tail 3523.

KING 55: HC-130P, Patrick AFB AFSOC 920RQW 39RQS
6:57pm: Departs Patrick to K_AH (probably either KPAH or KIAH).
11:30pm: Inbound, pattern work before landing at Patrick AFB.
[118.4, 133.75, 132.65, 124.8, 134.0]

OMAMA 472: C-12C KingAir, CBP (Customs)
6:42pm: Comms with Hammer. "ETA Jackpot at 15 past hour; please inform

OMAHA 47: P-3 #152722 (Dome type); CBP (Customs), Jacksonville AMB
6:57pm: Descent from FL240 to 17,000; "Direct NAS Jax."
[127.475, 134.0]

8:57pm: Foreign  language; strong signal.

BOLT 13: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
11:56pm; Announces inbound MacDill AFB.

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