**SWAP: HTX-202, BC-200XLT, Mot DPC-550, etc...***

**SWAP: HTX-202, BC-200XLT, Mot DPC-550, etc...***

Post by HamUs » Sun, 21 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi there...

   I am looking to trade some or all of the following radios for a 2 Meter/440
Dual Bander with wide-band recieve (including aircraft and 800 MHz).  

*Bearcat 200XLT Portbale Scanner - Great portable scanner, covers 29-54,
118-174, 406-512, and GAPLESS 806-956 MHz (yes, including both the mobile and
base cellular phone frequencies).  Digital PLL tuning, LCD Display, Backlight,
and all the other good features you would expect to find in a excellent
scanner.    Have two batteries, charger, "*** duck" antenna and manual.  One
sratch on the back of the unit, but otherwise very much in good condition.    

*Realistic HTX-202 2 meter HT - This portable HT covers the 2 meter Ham Radio
band, has 5 watts output, DTMF, PL Encode AND DECODE!!  Memory channels,
backlight, etc.  Have all original boxes and manuals, "*** duck" antenna,
two battery packs, one "dry AA" type, and one NiCAD type, charger, PLUS
external Speaker/Mic unit.  Very good condition.  

*Motorola DPC-550 Cellular Flip Phone - No, this is not an ordinary "Cell
Phone".  This is much more than that.  By using a simple jumper (already
installed) you can use this unit as a "Cellular Band Monitor", a mobile
"Beacon", a wireless link, a "Room Monitor", a pager, and many, many other
practical applications, the possibilities are endless.  All documentation for
these procedures is included.  Phone is in EXCELENT condition, barely used at
all, comes with Dual Overnight Charger, three batteries, one Car DC Cord, and
all ESN/MSN info.  

I am looking to trade ALL of the above units for a good, solid, dual band (2
meter/440) HT which has wide band recieve, (800 MHz included)  and has at least
4 watts output power.  May also trade for another decent item, just email me
and we'll see what we can do.  BTW, I also have a Realistic HTX-100 10 meter
rig with a HF preamp,  the radio tunes 26-30 MHz, will only trade for something
good.  I am located near Philadelphia, PA (South East PA)  Thanks.  

N3ZVM <------------Ham Radio Callsign
Eugene D.