SALE: 433 MHz. 9600 Baud Packet Station

SALE: 433 MHz. 9600 Baud Packet Station

Post by Brad Wats » Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have the following equipment for sale:

Motorola Maxar 80 UHF radio
Paccom 9600 baud modem installed

The radio is crystalled and tuned for 433.15 MHz, and puts out
approximately 15 watts.  The equipment was taken out of service
working, a part of the network here in northern CA.

Power cables for the radio and TNC are included.  A manual for the TNC
is also included.

I am asking $150, but I am open to other offers.

Thanks for reading this message, and please send me an email if you're

Brad Watson

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