New Yaesu FT2500M

New Yaesu FT2500M

Post by kevin jessu » Thu, 26 May 1994 21:49:56

I've got two Yaesu FT2400H 2-meter mil-spec mobile rigs.  An excellent
unit.  The speaker could be a bit more robust, however.

I see Yaesu now has the replacement available: the FT2500M.  I saw it
on display at AES in Milwaukee the other day.  Looks built like a tank.
Very similar to the 2400.  Looks like just a face-lift.  Supposedly
has the latest version of their "advanced track tuning", which the FT2400
also has.  Curious if the electronics have really changed at all or if
this is strictly cosmetic.  Can anyone else provide any info?  AES had
know idea if there were any performance changes.  Thanks for the help.  73.

BTW, the 2500 was going for around $350 or $360.00.  The nearly identical
2400 is still at $299.00.  


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