Radio Newbie needs Advice

Radio Newbie needs Advice

Post by David Miguel Ponce-Marqu » Mon, 20 Mar 1995 04:57:36

Hi to you all,

 I'm a complete newbie at all this radio stuff, so I decided to make a
post here and ask the experts (BTW, if I'm posting in the wrong place
please direct me to the right ngroup). Here is my dilema: I want to buy a
pair of portable radios (like walkie-talkie type), one for me and one for
my wife, so that we can communicate in case of an emergency (since we
live in the San Francisco Bay area, we know that the BIG one will hit us
sometime soon, so we are trying to cover all the possible bases before
this unwelcome event makes its presence). I'm looking for something that
might have a range of ~10-15 miles (any additional range is okay),
battery operated with a charge lifetime of 8 hrs, possibility to
communicate with emergency response sites, able to communicate with no
problem from within the city (by this I mean no blockage from tall
buildings and so), and reasonable cost ($200-$300 per radio ?). Is the
above to much wishfull thinking?

I have heard that for some types of radios you need a licence. I would
like to operate the ones I get without having to get one, if possible.
Also, I have looked for your FAQ but didn't find it. Is there one?

Any kind of advice is appreciated.
Thanks in Advance
David M. Ponce


Radio Newbie needs Advice

Post by James Callagh » Mon, 20 Mar 1995 01:20:08

 Hi.  a quick answer to your question .. No.  there are no ht's that will cover
the range you want (in a city ) by themselves.  The amount of power you would
 need would quickly kill a battery , and would slowly kill you due to the high
 RF. generated so close to your body.  ok. now the good news !
  HAm Radio is the way to go! with the no-code lisence , you can get a book
 at Radio Shack that has the questions and answers to the test ! you and your
 wife can study this , go get your license , and get two HT's on 2 meters ,
 and I am sure that you will be able to converse well over that distance by
using local repeaters. They are reliable , and almost all of them have
emergency power back-ups , because that's when you need them the most!
      Sorry I can't be more help , but " that's the facts "
                                           take care.
                                              73   N3NDQ    ( JIM )

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