ARRL response on ULS doesn't match FCC responses !

ARRL response on ULS doesn't match FCC responses !

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Apparently, ARRL once again wants us to receive regurgitated, properly
spun information only through their "know-it-all" mouths.

Again, until this morning, the only thing anyone including ARRL said
would be private was your Social Security Number. As one of the people
who researched his, I stand by it as being accurate. And until FCC
validates ARRL claims, I don't stop my publicity campaign.

Quite a paranoid place when anyone (even a member) who researches
something themselves and gets a set of answers right from FCC has an
"agenda". You bet I have an agenda- to get the farts running that place
out of there before the destroy the RS through their lack of advertising,
and lame ass attempts to recruit people (young and old).

BTW, someone ought to teach FCC not to say what they don't mean on the
web and on the phone if N1RL is correct...

from almighty N1RL:

Registration of WTB licensees in the Universal Licensing System will be

Yes, you will have to supply your telephone number to register for ULS.
You'll also have to supply your Taxpayer Information Number (typically
Social Security Number).

FYI: The current paper FCC Form 610 series already requests a daytime
telephone number, so this requirement is nothing new.

No, the FCC has no plans to publish or give out any of this information,
security measures are in place, we are told. The actual database does not
reside on the Internet but on an FCC Wide Area Network.

Please, let's not overreact on the basis of incorrect information and
truths being spread by those with some kind of agenda. The FCC also has
to release full details of ULS implementation, but we are told that it
be effective for amateurs "sometime" in August.

Visit for the FCC's most up-to-date ULS
information and to register.

73, Rick

Rick Lindquist, N1RL
Senior News Editor

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