need HR-1680 document

need HR-1680 document

Post by Weathrsh » Wed, 25 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Howdy you-all,

I am in dire need of an original or copy of the supplemental diagram
which is not included as an integral part of the heath hr-1680 manual.

I ordered a manual from K7FG (or something) manuals and the manual
refers to this supplemental which probably came out and unfolded, showing
some critical parts locations and worst of all the 'CRITICAL' placement of
the wires from preselector air variable.  Sheeesh. "place wires exactly as
shown"  double sheeesh.  I of course, before having the manual had some
oscillation problems and found that I could get rid of them by moving these
wires.  It seems the gain is low and hardly any S meter on strong signals
but that might have been evident previously. In any case, I was trying to
align the rig without the extension connectors (not too hard except for
the bandpass trimmer caps) and now I cant continue till I find where these
are laid out.  Being a home brew enthusiast, I can see the circuit is for the
part, a fine one except for the 'critical placement' of the preselector wires.

Help me please, radiomen?

Your pal,
The Weathership