FT-1000MP & "Transverter" 2m, 6m, 440?

FT-1000MP & "Transverter" 2m, 6m, 440?

Post by Jason S. Hul » Sun, 11 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hello All,

Can anyone explain to me about using a "transverter" with the FT-1000MP?  I am
unaware of this process of using a transverter for 2m, 6m, 440mhz?  Does this
allow you to tx and rx on VHF/UHF with the FT-1000MP?  How does this
transverter attact to the FT-1000MP and where do you get one?  I assume this is
a external option?


Jason S. Hulet