Comments on Yacht Boy 400?

Comments on Yacht Boy 400?

Post by Daniel J Gallow » Wed, 22 Sep 1993 05:21:35

        I was reading through an Monitoring Times from a month or two back
and they had a pre-release look at the Grundig Yacht Boy 400. They made the
usual comments about Grundig having nice sound but not excellent tuners, but
then went on to say that the Yacht Boy 400 was a step in the right direction.
They are supposed to be available in October, and I was thinking of putting
it on my Christmas list. Has anyone seen one of these? The specs, as I recall
are that it covers AM/FM, Longwave bands, and shortwave to ~39MHz (I believe,
I am typing this from memory, so I may be off a bit, I'll double-check this
tonight), as well as supporting SSB. At a price of ~$270, it seems like a good
deal, especially with the Sony ICF 7600s going away. I am a bit skittish of
a first rev of something, having worked with PCs for money too long. :)

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