WTB: Singer / Eaton / Stoddart antennas

WTB: Singer / Eaton / Stoddart antennas

Post by ma » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 01:08:03


I am looking to buy the following Eaton/Ailtech/Singer/Stoddart
antennas.  They must be operational, and be in good shape.  Here is

1) 94623-1   1-18GHz horn antenna KIT.  It is used with the NM-67 and
consists of 5 different antennas with reflectors and mounting
adapters.  It would be nice if it had the transit case, but I will
take it without.  But it must have all antennas, reflectors, and
mounting brackets.

2)  94592-1   Rod antenna coupler  10Khz to 32 Mhz

3)  94607-1   Rod antenna preamplifier

If anyone has any of these lying around the shop, and would like to
part with them, or if you know anyone that has them please e-mail me