FS: Tektronix 7603 plus plug-ins, probes and cart

FS: Tektronix 7603 plus plug-ins, probes and cart

Post by Michael Mellan » Thu, 25 May 2000 04:00:00

I just purchased a new O'scope and it's time to pass along my loved
and venerable Tektronix 7603 100 MHz frame and plug-ins.  The scope is

in working condition, a few scratches on the case but overall in good

7603 frame (wi/readout... this is a Holland made Tek)
7B53A time base plug-in
2 ea 7A26 dual 200 MHz vertical amp plug-ins
Original manuals
2 ea new Avex X10 100 MHz probes
Extra 7603 frame for parts
Model 3 or was it 5 Tek (?) lab cart with drawer and scope lock.  Can
hold scope on top tilting base, other instruments like a TM504 on
second shelf and has a large drawer on bottom...... wheeled.

Asking $375 for all..... u-haul.  Near Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Scope has
not been calibrated.... but then who needs that <grin>.  If interested

e-mail me off list.  I'd rather pick-up but you pay shipping if you
want it shipped.

Thanks, es 73 de Mike Melland, W9WIS