National Weather Service equipment

National Weather Service equipment

Post by Carl Morri » Mon, 21 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Please give me an opportunity as an amateur to offer you a product for
which you may be interrested.

Over the last several years several issues have come up, some concerning
amateurs.  One was about the reairing of the National Weather Service's
transmissions.  Another was about the protocol that the NWS used to
diseminate warnings to specific areas.  The first come out that amateurs
could reair NWS transmissions over amateur frequencies for the direct use
of amateurs, specially those involved in SKYWARN type activities.  The
second resulted in the formation of the Emergency Alert System.

We have created a device that can decode the Specific Area Messages
contained in the National Weather Service's portion of the EAS protocol and
reair those warnings over an amateur station for use in informing or
activating amateur spotter groups.

We have been using a prototype device for several years and have found the
medium to be much faster than older mediums and to be quite reliable.  The
final product is nearing a shipable state, and orders will start to be
accepted soon.

To keep from wasting any more newsgroup time, I ask that if you want more
information on what we call our National Weather Specific Area Message
Decoder (NWSAMD) then please visit:

between the hours of 4pm and midnight UTC -0500 (CDT).  Or check out old
information on an old mirror server at
rncs/products/nwsamd/index.html .

You may also call 402-654-2482 nearly any day of the week from 9am to 10pm
CDT or FAX us a request for more info, we'll FAX you back, FAX to

can e-mail you the HTML information or FAX you back information.

If you want, write to

Morris Softronics
PO Box 48
Hooper, NE  68031-0048

And we can send you information back via USPS mail service.

By amateurs for amateurs but there are also commercial applications for
this product which include commercial paging, etc...

Carl Morris (N0YUV)