Needed: Beta Tester For TRUNKER.EXE And R7000

Needed: Beta Tester For TRUNKER.EXE And R7000

Post by John Wr » Wed, 24 Dec 1997 04:00:00

        If anyone out there in net-land is in a position to test a
version of TRUNKER.EXE that supports the Icom R7000, please let me
know.  You'll need a radio to monitor the control channel, a slicer,
and a R7000.  I'll need to know what baud rate you have your R7000 set
up for.  It *will* have to be at the default address of 0x08 (unless
you have more than one of these, you probably never had a reason to
change it).  I would prefer someone who has experience with monitoring
trunking systems.

        Please don't expect a reply until sometime mid-morning if you
can reply.  Please note that this may take a couple of iterations to
get right, also.

        - Chris, KD4DTS

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