Qs about station RF grounding

Qs about station RF grounding

Post by Bruce K » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to set up my shack, and seem to be running into some RF ground
problems.  I've got about 20 ft. of 10 gauge copper wire running out of my
ba***t to a ground rod right outside the window (same rod used for the
house's electrical system).  In the shack, this is connected directly to
my antenna tuner and thence to my rig (Kenwood TS-520 soon to be a TenTec
Corsair II).

Am I doing something stupid here?
What do other people use?

Any comments appreciated.


Bruce, N1LLT

Bruce Kay, Dept. of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Brown University, Box 1978, Providence, RI 02912