RX-320 Free Beta Software

RX-320 Free Beta Software

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April 16, 1999

Dear RX-320 User,

Beta version D of the Flexi-Tuner software for  operating  the  Ten-Tec
RX-320 is now available.

Many thanks to the many beta  testers  for  their  excellent  comments,
ideas, and suggestions. I have tried to incorporate as  many  ideas  as
possible into this beta version.

The biggest change in this version is the addition of  a  comprehensive
logging function (described below).

The major features of the beta version D are as follows:

      1.  Operates the RX-320 from virtually any desktop
          or laptop computer, including older 386 machines.
      2.  Works in either DOS or Windows (this is a DOS
      3.  Implements 34 selectivity filters.
      4.  All modes:  AM, USB, LSB, CW.
      5.  AGC implemented:  Fast, Medium, Slow.
      6.  Tuning steps down go 1 Hz or up to 1 Mhz.
New!  7.  Now includes 3 Khz tuning step for marine
          channels.  Also includes 9 Khz tuning steps
          for European AM stations.
      8.  Adjustable squelch.
New!  9.  Pause S-meter function on front panel.  This
          eliminates the "chuffing" heard on some
          RX-320 systems.
     10.  Bandpass tuning (offset from center freq.)
     11.  Scanning using scan files.  Adjustable parameters.
     12.  Built-in scan file editor.
New! 13.  Built-in logging function with log editor.
          Easily track, edit, sort, monitor, and export
          log entries.  Items logged include station name
          (or notation), frequency, mode, filter, date,
          time, and S-meter reading.  Time and date can be
          adjusted if you want to log in UTC or other time
New! 14.  More sensitive S-meter.
     15.  Almost all parameters adjustable (great for
          knob twiddlers like me).
New! 16.  Tighter code for faster operation.
     17.  No mouse required (or supported).

Beta version D has been running  for  a  couple  of  weeks  on  several
computers, including an old B&W Grid laptop (80386 at 25 Mhz), an 80486
machine, and several Pentiums. It works equally well on all the  tested

As reported last time, it really is a lot fun to use an old DOS  laptop
to operate the RX-320 while sitting in an easy chair across  the  room.
By the way, the RX-320 sounds great when played through a  good  stereo
system.   Also,  I  tried Michael  Young's  idea  (April  2 posting  on

chuffing and crosstalk heard in some systems - this solved my crosstalk

I would be happy to supply free of charge this Beta version  to  anyone
interested who has an RX-320. The software will not function without an

The program is supplied along with several scan files in a  single  zip
file. Installation and removal are simple,  as  the  program  does  not
affect any system settings either in DOS or windows (it does  not  mess
with your registry, DLL's, or other system programs).

The program is easy to use - just press  various  keys  to  engage  the
different functions.

Installation, removal, and operating instructions are included.

A final version of the program  is  expected  within  a  month  or  so,
depending on feedback. It will probably be offered on a shareware basis
for a nominal amount (all this work has to be worth something :-)   The
final version will have greatly expanded scan file and log capacity;and
any inconsistencies, cosmetic irregularities, and faults will have been
fixed.  As always, the final program will be small and easy to  install
without effects on system files.

If you would like to receive the latest beta version at no charge, send

return e-mail.

Regards and 73,