RX-320 Free Software

RX-320 Free Software

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February 20, 1999

Dear RX-320 User,

Beta Version 1.0B is now available for the software I
wrote to operate the Ten-Tec RX-320 receiver.

Changes from Version 1.0A:
   -  Program displays a list of scan files for you
      to make a selection.  It is no longer necessary
      to type the name of a scan file
   -  AGC setting now works correctly.
   -  The setting of the Offset is saved between
   -  The program code has been fine tuned to increase
      efficiency and speed.

Features of Version 1.0B:

  - Squelch (adjustable)
  - Scanning of lists (files) with adjustable delay
  - Tuning in a variety of steps from 1 Hz to 1 Mhz
  - 34 selectivity settings
  - Runs under DOS or Windows - even works on a 80386
    computer using DOS

I would be happy to supply free of charge this Beta version
to anyone interested who has an RX-320.  The software will not
function without an RX-320.

The program is supplied along with several other files in
a single zip file.  Installation and removal are simple, as
the program does not affect any system settings either in
DOS or windows.

The program is easy to use - just press various keys to engage
the different functions.

Istallation, removal, and operating instructions are included.

If there is enough interest, the Beta version may advance into
a final version.

send you the zip file by return e-mail.



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