Icom IC-706 MARS/CAP Mod (here it is!)

Icom IC-706 MARS/CAP Mod (here it is!)

Post by KG7F » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00

MARS/CAP Modification for ICOM IC-706:

Tools required:

1) #0 Philips head screwdriver
2) 10 - 15 watt pencil tip soldering iron
3) Magnifying glass
4) Tweezers

Remove the TOP cover by removing three philips head screws on the top
and one on each side. Move the speaker bracket out of the way. Locate
D-59, this is a three terminal SMD diode in an SOT package, about
1 x 3 mm (with the radio front panel oriented towards you, D-59 is
located in a row of SMD diodes just to the right of the ribbon cbale
header above the 9 MHz SSB filter FL-30. There are pads for 5 diodes
with only three installed. D-59 is the second from the left).
Useing tweezers and a low-wattage soldering iron (and magnifying
glass, if necessary) remove D-59 by appplying some heat to the single
leg side of the device while lifting gently, then apply heat to the
other two legs and removing the device. Be careful not to apply too
much heat, not to rip or burn any traces or not to leave excess solder
on the PCB.

Replace the speaker bracket and top cover. Apply power and reset the

TX = 1600 kHz - 54.00 MHz and 118.000 - 174.000 MHz

De James KG7FU